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Home Generator Products 1kw off Grid Solar Power Generator System for Home (UNIV-1000PS)

1kw off Grid Solar Power Generator System for Home (UNIV-1000PS)

1kw off Grid Solar Power Generator System for Home (UNIV-1000PS)
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1KW Off Grid Solar Power Generator System For Home (UNIV-1000PS)

Solar Modules + Charge Controller + Batteries + Off-Grid Inverter
Make your home or outside independent from the utility company and provide your own power. Bring power to you always. Having an off-grid solar system is like owning your own utility company - free from price increases, shortages and taxes.

If you live somewhere far, up in the mountain, on a ranch or someplace where utility is not available, If you want to stay outside country, you can get power anywhere like at home. The off-grid portable solar system kits is the answer.

Solar Panel: (Pmax: 900W, Vmp: 35.5V, Imp: 25.35A)

Output Power: 1000W
Output Wave Form: Pure Sine Wave
Output Voltage 110V/220V AC
Output Frequency: 50Hz/60Hz
Output Voltage regulation: 5-10%
Overload: 120%, 30 seconds
THD: < 5%
Efficiency: >90%

Battery Capacity: 24V, 150AH

Solar Charger Controller: 24V, 30A

Load Reference:
Color TV: 65W*1PCS*6hours (per day)
Satellite TV Receivers: 25W*1PCS*6hours (per day)
Energy-saving Lamp: 10W*4PCS*6hours (per day)
LCD Computer: 100W*1PCS*4hours (per day)
Refrigeratory: 100W*1PCS*24hours (per day)
Fan: 20W*1PCS*6hours (per day)
Water Pump: 200W*1PCS*1hour(per day)

Note: Battery capacity is designed to have 3 cloudy days backup

Advantages of our solar system:
1. Inside transformer with high quality ferrite core, which takes high efficiency to our inverters
2. PCB assembling is SMD in stead of hand-made
3. World-brand key components (Mosfet, IGBT etc. ) ensure the units working stable.
4. Specialized PCB design, reasonalbe product consturcture makes the units with less Electro Magnetic Interference and more reliability
5. Good loading ability by special micro-processor design to meet the different requirement of customers.

Solar PV Panels
Solar PV panels: Solar PV panels are used to convert solar energy to electric energy for storage in battery or to make load work. They are the core part of solar power system, which also is the highest value part of the whole system.

Solar Charger Controller
Solar charger controller: solar controller is designed to control battery charging and DC automatic switching. It monitors the battery voltage and opens the circuit, stopping the charging, etc.
DC input and output automatic control function
Fully Intelligent System
Temperature Compensation
Digital LED Indicator Light
Wide Temperature Working Range of -10C to 50C

Solar Inverter
Solar inverter: Solar inverter is a type of electrical inverter that is made to change the direct current (DC) electricity from a photovoltaic array into alternating current (AC) for use.
Pure  Sine wave output.
Low cost and low noise
Advanced digital technology
Auto-restart capability
Battery low, short circuit and overload protection

Deep Cycle Battery
Deep cycle or AGM-Gel Batteries: Deep cycle or AGM-Gel
battery is to store the DC and provide for load.
Superior Deep Cycle Design
High Power Density
Thick Plates and High-density Active Material
Longer Life in Deep Cycle Applications
Excellent Recovery from Deep Discharge

Prod Model: UNIV-1000PS
Markets: North America,South America,Eastern Europe,Southeast Asia,Africa,Oceania,Mid East,Eastern Asia,Western Europe
Size: Solar System
System: Off-Grid system
Suzhou Universal-Power is a high-tech enterprise, which was established on May 2003, a professional and vigorous new energy company focusing on inverters, solar charge controllers and solar power systems. Until now, Universal-Power has produced more than 300000 sets of inverters and our products have reached over 100 countries worldwide, famous as a world leading professional manufacturer of cost-effective inverters with high quality and efficiency.

Universal-Power offers a full line of on grid and off grid inverters. Products from Universal-Power are with completely independent intellectual property rights and inverter core technology, the products including 60 Watts to 10K Watts off grid single phase high frequency inverter; 10K Watts to 17K Watts off grid three phase high frequency inverter; 1K Watt to 5K Watts grid tie single phase solar inverter; 10K Watts to 17K Watts grid tie three phase high frequency solar inverter. At the same time, Universal-Power's solar charge controller and off grid solar PV systems are designed for Solar system, Wind power system, and all inverters are widely used for automotive equipment, outdoor working, telecom and mechanical field etc.

Universal-Power strictly carries out ISO9001 standard and audit successfully, so we got certificates issued by international authorities such as UL, ETL, CE, RoHS etc. Relying on-class products quality and improved after-sale service, our company has won the popularity of consumers. Universal-Power has a R&D team with more than 30 engineers, 40% of the staff, who has been deeply engaged in the photovoltaic industry for 10 years.

Universal-Power owns 13 the national patents; especially, the Intelligent High Frequency Three Phase Inverter and Isolated Grid tie inverters have gained certificate of Hi-Tech product. Universal-Power has been set to Engineering Research Centre of isolated grid tie inverter by the Government of Suzhou. Our R&D takes the mission to increase the inverter availability and efficiency, putting continuous innovation to make Universal-Power inverter easier for installation and operation, and more cost-effective for the greener world.

Building an elite service team is Universal-Power 's another responsibility. In Universal-Power, service is not only the basic principle, but also blends into the hearts of the staff, and reflects in the daily work of everyone.

At Universal-Power, we see the power in clean energy. Our ENERGETIC goal is to bring simple, accessible solar solutions to the marketplace, improving the efficiency and reliability of solar power systems through our innovative products. Universal-Power brings you more powerful solutions for a greener world.

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