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Mobile Solar Power Generator (MP-F150)

Mobile Solar Power Generator (MP-F150)
Price: Negotiable/Set
Trade Terms: FOB,CFR,CIF
Min Order: 1/Set
Pay Type: L/C,T/T
Prod Model: MP-F150
Markets: North America,South America,Eastern Europe,Southeast Asia,Africa,Oceania,Mid East,Eastern Asia,Western Europe
Product Type: Mobile Solar Generator Kit
Maximum Load: 3500W
Continual Output Power: 3200W
Gross Weight: 550 Kgs
Solar Panel: Monocrystalline PV Panel
Solar Inverter: 3600W Pure Sine Wave Inverter
Solar Controller: Built-in MPPT Solar Charge Controller
Solar Battery: 225 Ah 48V
Reference Duration Time: 24 Hours for 500W Load
Product Size: 1300 X 1300 X 1250 mm
Application: Home
Specification: Normal

Product Description

This item of F150 Mobile PV Solar System / Solar Generator / Solar Home System / Solar Power System / Solar Energy System / Portable Solar Generator gives people all over the world the electricity to power your homes or offices. 
Most of customers are proud to say our this kind of MP-F150 is the China TOP Number 1 trustable mobile and integrated solar generator kit with advanced technology . 

It is a ready to use portable mobile solar generator which is able to guarantee up to 3500W power supply. Designed to provide electricity in all areas of the globe not covered by a distribution grid and for all users that require to be able to move their energy source. This portable mobile solar generator can work even in the absence of sunshine offering the advantage of compactness, low noise, no fumes and fuel costs. 
The inside batteries contained in the base of only 1 cubic meter are recharged by the photovoltaic generator which with its surface of 9 square meter develops a power of 1500W per hour. It is suitable for office, household, cottage, relief etc and provide power for air condition, freezer, electric drill, cooker, washer etc. 

Main  Feature :    
Convincing Arguments: Quality, Efficiency and Price   
-Mobile and Integrated Solar Energy Solutions
-Easy Operation Only 5 Steps
-Ready To Use, No Require Any Other Installation
-Complete Integrated All-In-One Convenient
-Swiveling and Foldable Manually
-Plug and Play Ready to Supply Energy
-Cost Effective -NO fuel needed, Low Cost maintenance
-Easy To Transport - Folded Mobile Solar Generator
-Sustainable-NO Fumes, NO Pollution, NO Noise 
-High Endurance To Different Atrocious Weather
-Reliable Quality and Strong Mechanical Resistance 
-Solid Frame Construction
-Certificate of Original (CO, FORM A, FORM E, FORM F)  

Technical Data : 
Product  Name : 3500W Integrated Mobile Solar Generator
Product  Item :  MP-F150
Installation Method :Complete All-In-One Conveniently
Ready-To- Use
NO Require Any Other Installation
Maximum  Load :3500W
Continual  Output  Power :3200W
Produce  Power :Generate develops 1500W for every Hour
Solar Panel
(Built-in )
Type :Monocrystalline PV Panel
Quantity :9 units
Size :1000 X 1000 mm for each unit
Capacity :500W  
Solar Inverter
( Built-in )
Type : 3600W Pure Sine Wave Inverter ;
Built-in MPPT Solar Charge Controller ;  
Quantity : 1 unit 
Frequency : 50 HZ or 60 HZ  
( Auto sensing )
Inverter Power :3600W / 4000 VA
Solar Battery
( Built-in )
Type :AGM
Quantity :8 units
Capacity :48V, 225 Ah
Battery Autonomy Duration Time :
( In Total Absence of Sunlight Only Use Battery )
170 Hours For 100W Power Load
24 Hours For 500W Power Load
11 Hours For 1000W Power Load
6.1 Hours For 1500W Power Load
4.3 Hours For 2000W Power Load
2.6 Hours For 3000W Power Load
Opened  Photovoltaic  Surface :9 Square Meter
Gross  Weight :550 KGS
Packing  Size : 1300 X 1300 X 1250 mm
1.   Does this mobile solar generator need to be installed before being operation ?   
Answer: Our this new kind of mobile solar generator doesn't need any kinds of installation and it is ready to supply energy immediately. The manual opening and closing of this product is very easy and quickly operation. It takes only 1 minute.  

2.  Can these batteries be recharged or the load be powered also through the grid electricity or the fuel generator ?        
Answer: Our this new kind of mobile solar generator already has an auxiliary plug to connect the grid or a fuel generator to recharge the batteries or power the loads.    

3. In the total absence of sunlight, how many working hours does this mobile solar generator is remaining ?  
Answer : The following chart gives a clear indication of how many working hours are remaining, depending on the power load connected to this solar generator in total absence of sunlight.
Battery  Pack  Autonomy  Duration  Time
Power  LoadRemaining   Hours
100W  170   Hours
500W24    Hours
800W13.2   Hours
1000W10    Hours
1500W6.1    Hours
2000W4.3    Hours
3000W2.6          Hours

4. In the sunshine day, how many KWH power does this mobile solar generator could produce electricity power in a day ?    
Answer : The following chart gives a clear indications of the mobile solar generator to produce how many KWH electricity power for every day in different areas .
Daily  Productivity  To  Develop  Power ( KWH )
MonthsRomaBeirutCairoAddis Abeba
January3.90 / Day4.22 / Day6.15 / Day8.48 / Day
February5.08 / Day5.14 / Day6.52 / Day8.34 / Day
March6.12 / Day6.53 / Day7.70 / Day7.91 / Day
April6.82 / Day7.46 / Day7.64 / Day7.23 / Day
May7.44 / Day7.70 / Day7.85 / Day7.18 / Day
June7.74 / Day8.41 / Day7.98 / Day6.65 / Day
July8.20 / Day8.45 / Day7.98 / Day5.79 / Day
August7.89 / Day8.24 / Day8.04 / Day5.87 / Day
September6.82 / Day7.71 / Day7.89 / Day7.08 / Day
October5.49 / Day6.35 / Day7.32 / Day8.50/ Day
November4.19 / Day4.98 / Day6.48 / Day8.90 / Day
December3.67 / Day3.99 / Day6.53 / Day8.65 / Day
Yearly Average6.12 / Day6.61/ Day7.35 / Day7.54 / Day

5. What is the guarantee time for this mobile solar generator ?  
Answer: The standard guarantee time of the whole machine would be 2 years. 

Operation is very very easy , Only 5 steps ! 

Moreover, as a professional manufacturer, We have full sincerity to look
for good distributor, wholesaler or agent in your country to enlarge business share together. Welcome to Visit our company website ( ) to send email enquiry to us to get direct factory best competitive price immediately, it is only for you ! 


1.Question : Are you a factory or trading company ? 
Answer: We are an SGS recognized OEM / ODM manufacturer factory with export license. We have an outstanding and experienced team made up of "A" player who have a passion for doing something great to create more value for customers world-wide.

2. Question :  Why choose cooperate with us ?  
Answer :     -- Right people, Right product, Right price ;
                     -- Company-wide customer awareness ;
                     -- Reliable Quality and All components from world leading suppliers ;
                     -- Cost-effective export infrastructure and total supply chain management ;

3. Question : How does your factory do regarding quality control ?  
Answer : Assuring Quality is our dignity and quality control engineers specially be responsible for quality checking in each process such as Incoming Quality Control , In Process Quality Control , Outgoing Quality Control , Environment Control, Product Traceability System , Internal Audits & Calibration, Equipment Control & Maintenance , Control of Non-Conforming Materials and etc.

4. Question : What is the average delivery time ?  
Answer : Most of the time, it would be around 1 week since after confirm receiving customers' contract money. For mass production purchase order at big quantity, the delivery time could be discussed with each other case by case. 

Since more than 20 years the machine manufacturer company of MAXNOVO MACHINE is always dealing with the development, design and production of metalworking machines, CNC machines and Cutting Machines. It is SGS on-site Audited Chinese Trustable OEM / ODM manufacturer, specialist designer, supplier, distributer and exporter of Lathe Machine, Milling Machine, Drilling Machine, Saw Machine, Cutting Machine, CNC Lathe, CNC Milling Machine, Vertical Drilling Machine, Radial Drilling Machine, Universal Milling Machine, Turret Milling Machine, Multi-function Machine, Rolling Machine and Machine Tools with ISO9001 certified manufacturing factory in Yangzhou City, Jiangsu Province, China.

The MAXNOVO MACHINE is the professional OEM Vendor for world famous Germany Machine companies for many years, so all customers could trust us and cooperate with us.

Quality at a Cost-efficient Price:

Are you looking for a functional metalworking machine or a CNC working machine offering comprehensive features at an economical price? Then you make the right choice by purchasing a MAXNOVO MACHINE metal working machine or a CNC working machine. Our machines are convincing by outstanding quality, accurate manufacturing and offer an "MAXNOVO MACHINE" in price and performance. The quality at a cost-efficient price is our aim for you in the long term.

Intensively Production:

MAXNOVO MACHINE produces a large part of its metal working machines in its own factory in Yangzhou in China. There, the quality is controlled by the Germany Quality Management Representatives on-site. The final assembly and commissioning of our MAXNOVO MACHINE products provide added value and allows perfect long-term working with the machine. We never compromise on any materials validation and accurate quality control (IQC, IPQC, OQC) from start to finish.

Quality Assurance:

MAXNOVO MACHINE products are produced with high quality standards. The MAXNOVO MACHINE guarantee of quality, the well trained technical quality team is the first contact for adhering to quality on-site. They would do quality management incoming goods inspection and quality management outgoing goods inspection. All MAXNOVO MACHINE products are produced with high quality requirements.

Customer Support:

Customers may rightly expect that our specialists are able to use their full knowledge and experience to their utmost satisfaction. The professional customer consultants support the user and customers with technical information. Moreover, we are also optimizing the export infrastructure and improving the supply chain to make them the most cost-effective for you.

Technical Development:

The technical department has a well-established team of technically highly qualified specialists. Their well-founded expertise allows flexible and creative implementation of all requirements which are demanded for our products and service. The dynamic technical team of specialists comprises engineers, executives who had solid working experience in the field of offering one-stop complete solution for high precision machines.

Social Responsibility:

MAXNOVO MACHINE has a variety of commitments when it comes to culture, community, education and environment.

As a responsible manufacturer of metalworking machines and CNC working machines, we care about the working conditions and social welfare of our employees. We care about the quality and source of the material components. We care about how to make our machines still work well for you even after years of operation. We care about whether our machines have supported clients to increase their product sales and enhance brand image.

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