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Introduction of World's Leading Wind Turbine Manufacturers

Mar 10,2016

Do you want to know the world's leading wind turbine manufacturers? This statistic ranks the world's leading wind turbine manufactures in 2014. The Trends for 2016 also like the following chart. This article will introduce you the world's top 5 wind turbine manufacturers.

1. Vestas

Vestas is the only global energy company dedicated exclusively to wind energy - improving business case certainty and reducing the cost of energy for their customers.

As a structurally lean organisation,  Vestas has offices in 24 countries and five strong regional sales business units in Northern Europe, Central Europe, Americas, Mediterranean, and Asia Pacific & China.

2. Goldwind

Goldwind is an international, multi-faceted wind power company based out of Beijing, China. Goldwind was founded in 1998 in Urumqi, Xinjiang and became a joint stock limited liability company in 2001. Goldwind has now expanded across six continents, preserving blue skies and white clouds for future generations around the globe.

3. Enercon

Enercon defines excellence as the value placed in them. The company is highly focused on delivering projects on time and error-free. Still, quality is king for Enercon and it’s not something it’s willing to compromise. Enercon moves up one place to No. 3 by relying on the growth of its home market, to which it supplied nearly half of the turbines installed.

4. Siemens

One of the most recognizable names in wind, Siemens offers solutions for both on and offshore wind projects. The biggest focus for Siemens is driving down costs of wind turbines. They aim to make renewable energy viable without subsidies. Siemens drops one position to global No. 4 due to the slump in demand from the U.S., where it traditionally performs well.

5. Sulzon Group

Sulzon views itself as more than a wind company; it believes it is a champion of the renewable energy movement. As well as leading the charge for wind in India, the company operates on 6 continents—all except Antarctica. Also notable about Sulzon is its wide range of turbine size, from 600 kW to its 6.15 MW offshore turbine. 


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