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Paper Production Line Bleaching Sodium Hyppochlorite Generator

Paper Production Line Bleaching Sodium Hyppochlorite Generator
Price: US $ 135850/Set
Trade Terms: FOB
Min Order: 1/Set
Pay Type: T/T,Western Union,Money Gram

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details:
1. Plywood for packing; 2. Wrap with film for dampproof; 3. Weight: 285 KG; 4. 1280*1980*1260 mm;
Delivery Detail:30~90 days

First, do not judge us as those new companies. We have been doing water agua treatment for more than 10 years, but we only focused on domestic market before, and did make great achievement in many projects. But we neglected the foreign trade. 2 years ago, our general manager realized that we have to step out of China, so we opened this branch to incharge of the whole foreign trade business.
There is few company that can compete with us, you can just ask them whether they've heard about us, I believe most of their boss will say "yes", if he or she reply "no", then he or she is lying to you.
 water treatment machine,brine electrolysis,sodium hypochlorite generator,ISO certificates
Let me introduce one of our machine - the sodium hypochlorite water treatment machine / equipment to you:
Yes, what you need are salt and water,  the formula like below:
NaCl (salt) + H2O (water) = NaClO (Sodium hypochlorite) + H2 (Hydrogen)
99.99% of NaClO will be hydrolysised into HCl:
NaClO + H2O = NaOH+ HCl (Hypochlorous acid) + O (new oxygen)
 HD sodium hypochlorite generator works through the electrolysis of salt water, which is electrolyzed into sodium hypochlorite while sodium hypochlorite is a kind of disinfectant which get strong antivirus and bleach power. The strong oxidant is widely used to sterilize in food processing enterprises, nuclear power plant, thermal power plant circulating water system, petrochemicals, printing and dyeing enterprises, drinking water, hospitals and cities.
The reaction equation of the electrolysis of the generator:
                        NaCl+ H2O = NaClO + H2↑
The electrolysis process of sodium hypochlorite generator is a process of electrochemistry. The only 
materials needed are salt and water, the NaClO solution produced is very pure. Though the principle is simple, there are quite a lot of qualifications. 
Then the 3 weapons for our liquid to kill virus are like this:
1. The oxydation of HCl (Hypochlorous acid): break the balance of glucose metabolism;
2. O (new oxygen): Its strong oxidability will consume the protein of virus,  make them lack of energy;
3. The Chloridion: disturb the metabolism of gen;
 It only asks for salt and water, safe and high efficiency.
 Usually 1 KG chlorine will cost:
 less than 3 kg salt and 4 kw electricity.
 The data is only for our machine, if for others, will be 10~20% higher cost.
Here's our machine: 

Sodium Hypochlorite Generator
Working Type Automatic Control
Control center Touch screen Siemens PLC
Eletroliser 2mm thickness Pure Titanium 25 times plating (30% longer life)
Power Ship-level power
Salt needed for 1KG Chlorine Less than 3KG salt (10~20 percent lower cost than other)
Electricity needed for 1KG Chlorine Less than 4KW electricity (10~15percent lower cost than other)
Concentration of NaClO 0.5%~0.8% (5000 ppm~8,000 ppm) (Others only 12% highest)
NaClO output per hour 8000g/h
 Warranty 5 years for electrolizer, 2 years for main parts

If you are in this business and well familiar with this kind of machine, you'll know the difference between ours and others.
 1) we dissolve salt in the dissolving tank into 25% concentration salt water;
 2) Pump through filter;
 3) Diluting 25% salt water into 3% salt water; ( If your machine near the sea, than sea water can be used instand of salt water)
 4) Pump into the machine for electrolysis;
 5) The sodium hypochlorite liquid come into storage tank;

 active chlorine,sodium hypochlorite generator,drinking water treatment machine,water treatment

if the dosing system is needed, then we can go on:
 6) We'll set up 2 detective device: the 1st is for water flow detective before input the liquid;
 7) Deliver the liquid into the pipe mix up with the water in the pipe mixer;
 8) After that, there is another chlorine detective device, testing the concentration of chlorine in the water;
 9) The data from the second detective device will be received by PLC centre, and control centre will control the dosing pump according to the the data.
 You are not just buying a pair of shoes or jeans, which can be changed every month, but a machine, what's the most important thing for a machine?
What makes it outstanding quality?
  The electrolysis: 2mm thickness titanium, 25TIMES plating, for those high concentration machine, even higher to 40 times plating!!!! Not normal plating, but  "noble metal oxide particles as ruthenium and iridium" (How many factories can spend so heavily for the same plating)!!!! And this is one of our technology patent!!!
 The power: Ship-level power, with higher effeciency > 95%, other's only 80%, that means you can save 15% electricity with our machine, also it got excellent performance on the resistant of  corrosion, moisture, dust etc. 
    The control system: PLC system auto control, with Siemens touch screen, 24 hours auto control, also WIFI modula is optional, you can control online!!!
And the interface is programmed exactly same as the position of your devices. Here is the interface:
    The running status: We can offer many of our clients' contacts, and welcome to contact them for checking the quality of our machine. Russia, Georgia, Uzbekistan, Austrilia, Mongalia, Chile, etc.
 Water company waterworks disinfection ( large-scale water plant ) 
water treatment water tester
Model: HD-15K
Output chlorine amount: 15000g/h
Applied industry: recycled water disinfection, medicine wash of ultrafiltration system
Processed water amount: 50000t/h
Room size for equipment: 6000mm (length) x 12000mm (width)
Salt dissolving tank: 1000L, one for use and the other for preparation
Dilute salt tank: 1000L
Storage tank: 3000L, one for use and the other for preparation
Dissolved salt filter: PVDF filter material, filter fineness, 150um
Salt adding cycle: 5~7days
Raw material: 2.5%~3.0% dilute salt water
Salt consumption: 3.0 Kg/Kg
Electricity consumption: 3.8Kw/Kg
Control mode: change-over of local and remote control
Man-machine interface: 10.5 inches man-machine interface
Controller: SIMENS PLC
Tank material: food grade PE material
Operation mode: fully automatic operation and closed-loop chlorine dosing control system
Ultrafiltration drug washing dosing pump: Milton diaphragm metering pump, three for use and one for preparation
Recycled water dosing pump: Milton diaphragm metering pump, four for use and two for preparation

Food company production process disinfection( Budweiser Beer Co., Ltd in Nan Chang )   
water treatment water tester
Specification: 500g/h sodium hypochlorite generator of electrolyzing salt water type
Industry: adding chlorine to disinfect total water of beer production  water
Dosing mode: DN200 electromagnetic flowmeter, online residual chlorine sensor and frequency conversion dosing
Configuration list: salt dissolving tank, filter for dissolved salt, proportioner, dilute salt water tank, dilute salt water    metering pump, sodium hypochlorite generator, storage tank, hydrogen exhaust fan, dosing metering pump (one use, one spare), DN200 electromagnetic flowmeter, DN250 pipe mixer, SIMENS PLC of S7-200 type (carrying 4 input and 2 output analog modules), SIMENS SMART man-machine interface, frequency converter, online residual chlorine  instrument.
 Water recycling plant project  ( project of Universiade in shenzhen,2011) 
water treatment water tester
Model: HD-5000
Output chlorine amount: 5000g/h (one for use and the other for preparation)
Application: reclaimed water disinfection, drug washing by ultrafilter system
Water treatment amount: 25000t/h
Room size for equipment: 6000mm(long)x1200mm(wide)
Salt dissolving tank: 1000L, one for use and the other for preparation
Dilute salt tank: 1000L, one for use and the other for preparation
Storage tank: 3000L, one for use and the other for preparation
Salt dissolving filter: PVDF filter material, filter fineness, 150um
Salt adding cycle: 5-7days
Raw material: 2.5%~3.0% dilute salt water
Salt consumption: 3.0Kg/Kg
Electricity consumption: 3.8Kw/Kg
Control mode: change-over of local and remote control
Main-machine interface: 10.5 inches SIMENS interface
Controller: SIMENS PLC
Tank material: food grade PE material
Operation mode: fully automatic operation and closed-loop chlorine dosing control system
Ultrafiltration drug washing dosing pump: Milton diaphragm metering pump, two for use and one for preparation
Recycled water dosing pump: Milton diaphragm metering pump, three for use and one for preparation
You are not willing to make the machine stop and check every several days, right?
Us too, that's why we DO NOT COMPROMISE ON QUALITY of machine, even say no to clients when they require to change material to lower the cost. That will break our reputation for years.  We haven't received any complaint from customers for so many years.
Frankly speaking, it's really a big cost for engineer to fly around worldwide offering after-sale service, that's one of the reason why we make such a good quality machine.
We are:
1. Government business partner for so many years ( you know how strick rules for the qualityfrom the government);
2. We export to Japan, Mid-asia, Russia, AU, South-America etc (welcome to contact them for checking our quality);
3. Every machine is customized for different requirements ( sea water or salt water, with or without storage tank, dosing system, wifi system is needed or not);
4. Not only machine provider, but also providing you the chart for whole project ( we are not just providing only 1 type of machine, we are qualified to take the whole project of water treatment);
Besides that, we also offer water treatment machine and service to:
1.Nanfang Water Group
2.Henan Water Investment Group
3.Chinese North Holding Water Group
4.China Water Group
5.Singapore Sembcorp Water Company
6.Budweiser Inbev Beer Company (Top 500 of the world)
7.French Veolia Water Group (The biggest water solution enterprise in the world)
8.Singapore APO shipyard
9. Fuel company in Osaka, Japan
etc.....all big government organizations or international corporations.
Yes, we are not only providing the sodium hypochlorite generator, but also the whole water treatment solution: sea water, RO system, sewage treatment, rural area water solution, every project about water is our business.
Latest news--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
1. We just won the tender of Batumi water projce in Georgia, will sign contract  in november, 2014;
2. We are opening branch in Uzbekistan, now preparing the documents to government (November 2014);
3. We just finished the international water treatment exhibition in Shanghai (November 2014);
 One more thing--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Good News:
Every customer who confirm the order (above 20,000 USD) will get a training course in our factory for 2 days. ( Room and food are paid by us) 
The first day: study the basic principle of water treatment ( for drinking water, sewage water, industry water, bleaching water etc.), as well as the system of our machine;
The second day: study how to asemble a machine in factory, visit government water project which is built by us;
Pls feel free to contact me if there is anything we can do for you, and welcome to visit our factory.
There are so many things I wanna share with you about our machines, but the photos I post here are limited by website, how I wish you can come, see and feel our machines by yourself.
Prod Model: HD-15K
Markets: North America,South America,Eastern Europe,Southeast Asia,Africa,Oceania,Mid East,Eastern Asia,Western Europe
Host Macine Size: 1760*860*1950mm
Weight: 520kg
Power: 45V
Current: 1500A
Brine Concentration: 2.5%
Liquid Concentration: 0.5%-15%
Customer-1: Abinbew Co.Ltd(World Top 500)
Customer-2: Coca Cola(World Top 500)
Customer-3: Pepsi Cola(World Top 500)
Salt Cost: Less Than 3kg
Fujian Hada Intelligence Technology Co., Ltd. Was established in 2005 with a registered capital of 5.25 million US dollar, specialize in the research, development and manufacture of electrolysis sodium hypochlorite generator system, electrodialysis desalination system and other electrical drive water treatment systems.

For the past 10 years, we keep persevering in the technical elite team building (with Professor Shao Xiangwen from Fuzhou University and Professor Zhou Kanggen from Central South University), keep persevering in independent intellectual property rights, keep persevering in the underlying studies (Research of all types of electrode coating formulas etc. ), and currently holding a number of national patents. We are the only manufacturer of sodium hypochlorite generator in China who got the National High tech and Innovative Enterprise Certificate, the only manufacturer who got the "Health Permit" and "Wading License" of Fujian province in this field, as well as ISO9001: 2008 International Quality Management System Certification, ISO14001: 2004 Environmental Management System Certification, and Occupational Health and Safety Management System Certification.

"HADA", the company's trademark, got the prize of Well-known Trademarks in Fuzhou, and products are mainly applied in drinking water disinfection, waste water treatment, industrial waste water ammonia nitrogen oxidation treatment, sea water chlorination disinfection, ballast water disinfection system, food disinfection, heavy metal waste water purification, pharmaceutical industry and other fields of liquid cation purification process.

10 years' dedication, Hada has earned his fame by the advanced technology and reliable quality, even got the approval and recommendation from National Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development and Water Conservancy Department. Due to the excellent performance, we've been involving in many major projects in most of the provinces in China, which includes water disinfection project for 2011 World University Games in Shenzhen, Foxconn Industrial Park water disinfection projects in Zhengzhou.

2014, HADA made a step out of China, set up Guangzhou Torui Import and Export Trading Co., Ltd. As branch for export affairs, began to expand overseas market, by now we have been providing products and services to following countries: Russia, Japan, Georgia, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Turkey, Australia, Vietnam, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, New Zealand, Iraq, Chile, Ethiopia, Pakistan, Taiwan and other 18 countries and regions.

Hada's Qualifications:

National High-tech Enterprise Certificate

Innovative Enterprise Certificate

Vice President of Fujian Food and Packaging Machinery Association

Director of Service Committee of Fujian Energy Saving Association

Member of Fujian Environmental Protection Industry Association

2013/2014 Quality, Credit and Commitment Industrial Enterprise ( Fujian)

Well-Know Trademark of Fuzhou City

ISO9001: 2008 International Quality Management System Certification

ISO14001: 2004 Environmental Management System Certification

Occupational Health and Safety Management System Certification

Health Permits for disinfection products manufacturer

Wading Permit for Sodium hypochlorite generator

Wading Permit for sodium hypochlorite solution

A number of national patents for the applications of sodium hypochlorite generator

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