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Oxygen Generator PVC Welding Machine Portable

Oxygen Generator PVC Welding Machine Portable
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Specification of oxy-hydrogen flame enameled wires welding machine/oxy-hydrogen welding machine:

1. Energy-saving. Oil saving 20%, energy saving 40%. Consume water and electricity, electrolyze water into hydrogen gas and oxygen gas. Use H2 and O2 as source of flame replacing LPG, Propane, Acetylene fuel or natural gas or other fuel.

2. Environment-friendly. Consumption of water, it produces water. Compared with traditional fuel, and are more beneficial to the environment and human.

3.100% safe. Because the density of hydrogen is small, it will not be assembled on the ground, so there is no risk of explosion.

4. Save time & money. The temperature of the oxy-hydrogen flame is up to 2800 degrees Celsius, and the flame is more concentrated. Compared with conventional fuel, more save time and cost.

5. CE, SGS Certification

Multi-functions application of oxy-hydrogen flame enameled wires welding machine/oxy-hydrogen welding machine:

1. Jewelry welding

2. Acrylic polishing(15mm)

3. Platinum resistor welding

4. Varnished wire welding

5. Waxy film repair

6. Thermocouple welding

Quartz glass tube sealing, water injection wire drawing sealing

7. Small copper pipe welding, etc.

Unique Patented &Systems features of water welding machine/HHO generator for welding/HHO welding machine:

1. Power Supply IGBT frequency conversion technology, conversion efficiency is as high as above 90%, stable and reliable to exchange AC turn to DC.

2. Electrolysis cell Integration formed electrolysis cell, no any gas and liquid leakage.

3. Electrolytic process, Dynamic self-circulation electrolytic process, purifier is installed in electrolyte circulation pipeline, it can clean the electrolysis cell automatically.

4. Electrolysis polar plate, Special activity alloy material surface treatment, low over potential and no leakage between the polar plates, the gas production efficiency is high.

5. Moisture separation system Centrifugal compulsive moisture separation device, can achieve Moisture separation 100%, and always keep blue flame.

6. Pipeline system seamless stainless steel tube, no any rubber hoses absolutely, no gas or liquid leakage, ensures the safety and reliability

7. Anti-backfire system Adopt patented wet-type anti-backfire and dry-type flashback arrestor and automatic safety valve device, build in automatically decompression and recover device, prevent from backfire, no need reset by manual.

8. Heat dissipation system Unique duct design and larger space for heat dissipation to meet the needs of the work for 24 hours under high temperature of 40 degrees in summer. 

9.Technical Data Sheet
AC Voltage Requirement (V)220/110  
DC Voltage 24V5V 60A5V 60A5V 60A5V 60A5V 60A
Max Gas Output60L/h100L/h200L/h300L/h400L/h650L/h
Max. Working Pressure (kg/cm2)1.3
Max. Water Consumption (L/h)
Water Feedmanual
Max. Flame Modifier Consumption (L/h)
Flame Modifier Feedmanual
Dimensions - L*W*H (mm)465*280*480mm435*308*540mm485*300*540mm640*245*550mm730*300*5401050*300*540
Gross Weight (kg)91520253240
Ventilation Space Requirement (mm)200 in each direction  

Thank you for visiting. Any questions, please feel free to contact us. I am Huang Renhua here. 
Prod Model: Kingkar100
Markets: North America,South America,Eastern Europe,Southeast Asia,Africa,Oceania,Mid East,Eastern Asia,Western Europe
Product Name: Oxy-Hydrogen Generator for Welding
Brand Name: Kingkar
AC Voltage Requirement (V): 220/110
Phase: Single
Max. Working Pressure (Kg/Cm2): 1.3
Water Feed: Manual
Flame Modifier Feed: Manual
Ventilation Space Requirement (Mm): 200 in Each Direction
OEM: Available
Type: Flame Welding Machine
Current: 220/110V
Application: Auto Parts, Household Industry,Electronic Industry
KingKar provides green energy solutions. We are specialized in Oxy-Hydrogen Generator, which changes soft water into a clean burning fuel that can be used to replace traditional gas fuels. We offer this safe, clean and pollution-free new source of green energy for mankind. Our development concept is based on creating a cleaner living environment around the world and promoting the use of sustainable energy sources.


KingKar Oxy-hydrogen generator for boiler only consumes water 

And electricity to create oxy-hydrogen gas which feeds into to the combustion chamber for complete burning. It increases the combustion efficiency of the existing fuel etc. There is no pollution, no harmful gases or other chemical additives.  

Our machine content: Oxy-hydrogen generator for boiler, Oxy-hydrogen used in industrial furnace, Oxy-hydrogen used in medical care, industrial   And household wastes incinerator, Oxy-hydrogen used in generator, Oxy-hydrogen used in clean coal combustion technology, Oxy-hydrogen used in pharmaceutical industry and etc

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