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Business Type: Manufacturer,Trading Company
Main Products:

Wind Turbine


Wind Generator


Small Wind Turbine


Micro Wind Generator


Wind Generator Turbine


Horizontal Axis Wind Turbine


Wind Energy Turbine


Wind Driven Generator


Wind Driven Turbine


Home Wind Generator

Number of Employees: 11~20

The company has been devoted to the development and application of modern technology in such energy domains as:

1. 40% savings in fuel
2. Complete solutions to oceanic and island Wind Power generation.
A breakthrough by engaging the useage of 70% of land surface for wind power; therefore securing sufficient fuel supply for bio-energy projects.
3. In compliance with the sectoral principals of high marketability and socialisation, the company has established a highly efficient operational mode, integrating with technology capital and production force.
4. It has focused on building up a high-end new type of sectoral platform that will penetrate the global market. This will create a high industrial concentration from the start of an original technical creation to the application at the end, thus achieving an unprecedented efficiency.

The sector developed by the company contains an urgent multi-billion dollar worth of market demand

The company will play an important role in achieving related national strategy in the sustainability of environmental production and industrial transfer; as well as the application of new energy resources.

The company will enhance and introduce fast reforms in general industries, agricultural, service industries and civil use.

Great breakthroughs have been realised by the company in the areas of wind power generation such as

1. start-up and power generation from a small breeze
2. high resistance to strong wind
3. anti-erosion
4. no sound
5. light body components

All of the above innovations are cutting edge in the world market, providing premises for broad application of wind power generation, for instance:

1. Island and remote regions where electricity supply remains a problem.
2. Wind power generation is applicable in areas where there is a daily wind force of 3 to 5 degrees.
3. Low noise wind power generation can be implemented in residential areas.
4. Electricity cost will be minimized by a great degree in hotels, tourist spots and other business premises.
5. Under the state `s distributed power generation policy, the company offers a low risk and high return investment opportunity.
6. Our products provide highly efficient and smooth process to achieve the policy target of energy saving enviroment protection.

The R & D, manufacturing, marketing, and service of wind power projects are undertaken and implemented by Microsea New Energy Investment Company., Ltd, which has a high level research and manufacturing force under a good management team. It has possesed four technology patents.

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