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Meet The World's Largest Wind Turbines Top 10

Mar 10,2016

A wind turbine is a device that converts kinetic energy from the wind into electrical power. Now, we will take 

you to see the world's top 10 wind turbines.

1. SeaTitan 10MW Wind Turbine

The SeaTitan™ 10MW wind turbine designed by American energy technologies company AMSC is currently the biggest wind turbine in the world. The direct-drive turbine, with 190m rotor diameter, has a rated power capacity of 10MW and hub height of 125m.

The turbine design incorporates a high temperature superconductor (HTS) generator with a speed of 10rpm making it much smaller and lighter than a conventional wind turbine generator.

2. Sway Turbine ST10

Norwegian technology company Sway Turbine (ST) has introduced a striking 10MW offshore turbine featuring a 25-metre spoke-type direct drive permanent magnet generator (PMG). Designed for demanding IEC WC Is (10 metres/s+) conditions, the main specifications include 164-metre rotor diameter with three rotor blade supports (eliminating the need for a rotor hub), a 13m/s rated wind speed and 12rpm nominal speed. It is the world's second biggest wind turbine.

3. Areva 8MW wind turbine

French energy company Areva's 8MW wind turbine, launched in November 2013, is the world's third biggest wind turbine by rated capacity. The three blade offshore turbine, featuring 180m diameter rotor and a medium-speed hybrid gearbox, produces up to 8MW of power in an average wind speed of 12m/s.

4. Vestas V164 8MW

The Vestas V164-8MW is a three bladed offshore wind turbine, produced by Vestas, with a world-record 8 megawatt nameplate capacity. The first prototype unit was installed in northern Denmark in January 2014,and the first industrial units are scheduled for installation in 2016 off the coast of the UK.

The turbine is designed for offshore operation and offers a swept area of more than 21,000m². Each of the three blades of the turbine is 80m long and weighs 35t. The nominal rotor speed of the turbine is 10.5rpm.

5. Enercon E-126/7.5 MW

Enercon E-126/7.5 MW gearless turbine launched in 2007 is the fifth biggest wind turbine in the world. Image courtesy of Kuebi = Armin Kübelbeck. The rotational speed of the upwind rotor with active pitch control varies between 5rpm and 11.7rpm.

6. Samsung S7.0-171

Samsung's 7MW is the latest addition to the top 10 and one of a number of next generation in development for the market. This is the first prototype to be built (at a test site in Scotland) and was only completed in October. Among its features, it includes the world's longest turbine blade at almost 85-metres. To put this in context this record has been extended by almost 10 metres over the last year. 

7. REpower 6.2M152 / REpower 6.2M126

The 6.2M126 and 6.2M152 wind turbines, developed by the Suzlon group company Repower, are the seventh biggest wind turbines in the world. They are the latest in REpower's 6.XM series and have a rotor diameter of 152m and 226m respectively. Both the turbines have a rated power output capacity of 6.2MW.The prototype of the REpower 6.2M152 turbine with 124m hub height is planned to be constructed at an onshore site in northern Germany by 2014.

8. Siemens SWT-6.0-154

The first batch of the 75 metre-long wind turbine rotor blades has been unveiled, June 2012. Field tests of the turbines started on October 2012 at Siemens’ Høvsore test site. GL Renewables Certification awarded a prototype certification to SWT-6.0-154 turbine on October 6. Serial production is planned for 2014. Dong energy has a framework agreement with Siemens to supply 300 of the 6MW turbines between 2014-2017. The first set of these tubines are being installed on the Westermost Rough Wind Farm. On the 24/07/2014 this turbine recived type certification from DNV GL. On 02/12/2014 Siemens erected two prototypes on land in Wehlens near the port town of Wilhelmshaven. Towers and Nacelles at Race bank weigh 897 tonnes. Blades Weigh 27 tonnes.

9. Haliade 150-6MW wind turbine

Alstom's offshore wind turbine Haliade 150-6MW, installed on the French Carnet area, has received final certification from DNV-GL. It is the world's ninth biggest wind turbine. The blade length of the upwind wind turbine is 73.5m and the swept area is 17,860m². The rotor speed ranges between 4rpm and 11.5rpm. The turbine is suitable for operation in both offshore and onshore sites with wind reference speed of 50m/s.

10. Sinovel SL6000

Sinovel 's SL6000 6MW turbine is currently being tested in China, and is the country's largest wind turbine. The turbine has a 128 metre diameter rotor. It has been tested at -45 degrees Celsius, and a wind speed of 62.5 metres per second. It also has the low-voltage ride-through capacity, a necessity for installation in Chinese wind farms. The machine is descended from the SL5000, which is also being tested. Moreover the company also claims to be in the latter stages of designing a 10MW machine.



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