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A Homemade Electricity Generator Can Save You Thousands

August 28th, 2012 aboutgenerator Comments off

No matter what country you live in, I’m pretty sure you feel like you’re paying too much for your electricity. You’re not alone. Millions of others feel the same. So what if you could produce your own electricity with a homemade electricity generator? Wouldn’t that be cool? Well.. YOU CAN!!


The idea of producing your own electricity through the use of a magnetic generator is nothing new. In fact the idea date right back to the 1900’s when the inventer Nikola Tesla invented the world’s first homemade electricity generator. Since then the name Tesla has become synonymous with the production of electricity. The strange thing is that the fact you can produce your own electricity right in your own home has never been become common knowledge.

It may seem strange to you that such an important and revolutionary fact hasn’t been more widely talked about. However when you look at the implications you will begin to understand why.

The simple truth is that the supply of electricity to your home is big business. It only takes a quick glance at your monthly power bill to realize that! The profit that the big power corporations make is absolutely massive. It’s a fact that electricity generation is a huge part of every nation’s economy.

Now just think what would happen if everyone started producing their own electricity. casino online . There would be severe economic problems and a lot of rich folks would end up losing a lot of cash. This is why you’ll never see magnetic generators for sale in your local store!

However just because you can’t buy one, it doesn’t mean that you can’t make one just like the one Nikola Tesla made. You can still buy the plans online at the moment although I don’t know for how much longer. There used to be quite a few websites selling these plans but one by one they are slowly being closed down.

It’s just like the inventer Stan Meyer. He invented a way to run a car engine on regular tap water. You know what happened to him? He was found dead in his home.. I believe the report said he died from natural causes but you can draw your own conclusions.

The one thing that I will say is that if you want to buy the plans to build your own homemade electricity generator, don’t wait too much longer! Those websites are gradually disappearing.

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Camping? Why You Should Get an RV Generator

June 20th, 2012 aboutgenerator Comments off

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Choosing The Right Electrical Generator

June 20th, 2012 aboutgenerator Comments off

If you live in an area that experiences frequent power outages, an electrical generator can be a great addition to your home. A generator that has been properly installed by a local electrician can help you make it through both temporary and long-term outages. This can literally be a lifesaver in many areas of the country. If your power goes out for an extended period of time, a backup power source can keep your food fresh, provide heating and cooling, light your home and power any necessary medical equipment. If you experience an outage as a result of extreme weather or a natural disaster, a generator can also provide you with the power that you need to manage and clean up your property. in Dwarka India writes: Taking pupils outdoors gives them a chance to explore observe and synthesise their observations to come to realistic conclusions which in turn equips them to learn better in real life situations and helps them form their own opinions rather than making up×244.jpg” alt=”choosing-the-right-electrical-generator” width=”300″ height=”244″ />

Types of Generators

There are many different types of generators to choose from. The best type for you depends on your situation. To choose the best generator for you, always work hand in hand with an electrician. They can help you choose the one that will provide you the amount of power that you require. The main two types of generators are as follows:

Portable Generators - A portable generator is the most mobile and flexible type of generator. Construction crews and others who online casino australia need to generate power in areas that do not have electrical hookups typically use these generators. The trade off for the portability, however, is fuel capacity. Portable generators must be constantly refueled, meaning that you would need to keep plenty of fuel on hand to make it through an extended outage. Your typical electrician will recommend this type of power solution to be used in addition to a standby generator.

Standby Generators - Standby generators are the most common choice for homes and business. This type of backup power is connected permanently to your existing electrical system. Depending on the type of fuel available in your area, this type of generator is powered by propane or natural gas. This gives them a very long-term fuel source so that you can make it through even the longest power outage. casino online . Current units connect to your wiring by way of an advanced transfer panel. This transfer panel is equipped to detect a power outage. Whenever your power goes out, your standby generator will turn on automatically. The panel will also shut the generator off whenever your regular electrical utility service returns, so that you don’t burn extra fuel. While this type of generator is more expensive to install, it is much more reliable and feasible for a long-term solution.

In addition to choosing between a portable or standby emergency power source, you will also need to choose a generator size. This is where your favorite electrician comes in handy. To the average consumer, the different power ratings and motor speeds do not make too much sense. A local electrician can assess the power needs that you have, and help you choose the right generator to fit them. When your generator is delivered, they can then connect it to the proper circuits so that only your most essential lights, outlets and appliances are powered. As a result, you can rest easily knowing that you will not be left without power the next time you lose electricity.

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Onan Microlite RV Generator Specifications

February 28th, 2012 aboutgenerator Comments off

A very popular and reliable generator for RV camping and travel use is made by Cummins Onan. The Onan Microlite Series RV genset is a top of the line unit that can be counted on to provide off site power for any RV owner’s electrical needs. This page will cover the basic specifications of this proven and well-designed piece of equipment that provides an important feature for any recreational vehicle.


Onan has created a product line known as the Microlite 4000 genset series. The first thing to know is the model number ID breakdown. This is how the model number of a typical genset is built. It cover power capacity, the product’s genre, how it is started, its voltage, spec number for special features and the spec letter. For example, a model number of 4KYFA26100E means the unit is a 4000 watt genset in the KY product line, remote start, 120 volt and 60 Hertz, spec number code for special options and lastly the final letter is used to show any major changes in manufacturing or design.

In the KY Onan Microlite 4000 series there are two fuel types, gasoline and LPG or liquid propane gas. The available model numbers are 4.0 KY, 3.6 KY both gasoline fueled, 3.6 KY and 3.3 KY both LPG run. The power available for the 4.0 KY is 4000 watts and 3600 watts for the 3.6 KY. The LPG 3.6 KY is also 3600 watts with the 3.3 KY at 3300 watts. Obviously the number corresponds to the wattage type.

The frequency is 60 Hertz and 50 Hertz for the gasoline 4.0 KY and 3.6 KY units respectively and 60 Hertz and 50 Hertz for the 3.6 KY and 3.3 KY LPG units respectively. The voltage ratings for all units going down the line is 100/120 volts, 100/220/230 volts, 100/120 volts, 100/220/230 volts. The speed for each unit respectively, 4.0 KY and 3.6 KY gas, 3.6 KY and 3.3 KY LPG is 3600 rpm, 3000 rpm, 3600 rpm and 3000 rpm.

These Onan RV gensets in the 4000 series are some of the best generators on the market. It’s important to remember that trusting your RV power to a specific generator manufacturer means a lot to any traveler because this will be the source of power for eating, heating, air conditioning and entertainment when on the road. No one wants to buy a cheap RV generator to save a couple bucks only to find out later that when it matters most and the generator has been running all out that there is a breakdown. At that time no amount of saved money can make up for the lost vacation time and instead of enjoying a week or weekend in the outdoors the RV owner must leave the campground to search out an RV dealer for repair parts or even worse an RV genset technician must be called out into the field to repair the unit.

Those who purchase a new Onan Microlite RV genset can be sure they are buying quality that is backed up by a warranty and a brand name that is known for its reliability and power output ability. With that said, there is one last major specification worth looking into and that is fuel usage. The fuel consumption of each unit is very important.

In this series, the following fuel consumption amounts are recorded. For the 4.0 KY, a gasoline genset, no load is 0.29 gph (gallons per hour), half load is 0.48 gph and full load is 0.71 gph. The 3.6 KY gasoline genset is 0.21 gph no load, 0.37 gph half load and 0.58 gph full load. The 3.6 KY LPG genset at no load is 1.5 lbs/hour, half load is 2.4 lbs/h, full load is 3.1 lbs/h. The 3.3 KY LPG unit at no load uses 1.1 lbs/h, at half load 2.2 lbs/h and full load is 2.9 lbs/h.

Compare the power output with the fuel consumption and choose which Onan RV genset is right for your camping and travel needs.

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What Exactly Is a Magnetic Electricity Generator?

November 28th, 2011 aboutgenerator Comments off

A magnetic electricity generator is also widely known as a free electricity generator. The idea is to use the force of magnets to induce motion. online casino . Abhangig von den Tieren abgestimmt, konnen Sie bis zu 5000-mal Ihres Einsatzes gewinnen!Pints and Pounds serviert ihnen ein machtiges Spielautomaten -Menu mit vielen freundlichen Charakteren aus der britischen Pub-Kultur.. mobile casino . But what does motion have to anything with generating electricity with magnets?


The answer is simple. If you ever wonder how water turbines and wind turbines generate electricity, you would learn that they use motors of any scale that use motion to generate electricity. It’s the same concept with magnetic generators. Magnets are embedded into designs that contain a motor. The shaft of the motor is coordinated with the motion of the magnets. The motor, here, is the device that uses the rotation of the shaft to convert mechanical energy into electricity. Therefore, by designing the generator to capture the motion the magnets produce, magnetic electricity is achieved. The strength of the magnets highly determines the efficiency of a magnetic generator. They can be scaled in size to empower electrical needs of any type; most of all magnetic electricity generators produce alternating current that’s compatible with a house’s electricity line which is a feature that requires additional machinery in solar panels or wind turbines.

The use of magnetic electricity generators for the production of electricity is not a concept that has reached mainstream as yet. It has been said by many that large energy corporations have tried their level best to keep this concept hidden, due to the fact that it may ruin their profits once the common man gains access and further develops the idea. However, some scientists have managed to re-write the whole concept so that it could be understood by the common man in order to be made use of.

Building a magnetic electricity generator is not an entirely difficult task. All that’s required is some basic knowledge on the subject, along with some building and wiring skills. A generator, properly tweaked, will have the capacity to power up your entire house. There are many other specifics that it needs to be built upon to make it a device that will actually be beneficial. It is also a device that will suit any type of setting or surrounding, no matter where you live.

Despite it’s capacity of producing electricity in a much efficient manner compared to other types of alternative electricity generators, pre-made magnetic electricity generators are a rare sight which remains a mystery. However, DIY electricity enthusiasts are now building these devices based on professional guidance, in the form eBooks.

A residential magnetic electricity generator can help you produce safe, clean, renewable energy without harmful by-products and can also help you go completely off the grid.

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Portable Electric Generator - How to Choose One

August 11th, 2011 aboutgenerator Comments off

In a layman’s term, a generator refers to a device that can be used to provide electricity to your house or business premise during power outages. In case if an emergency, generators can enable you to carry on using vital appliances, for example, heaters, lights, air conditioners along with refrigerators. Roulette Regeln amerikanisches […]Du bist auf der Suche nach franzosisches Roulette oder hast Fragen zu den Regeln? Dann bist Du hier richtig.. e a desintoxicacao do” alt=”portable-electric-generator-how-to-choose-one” />

In technical terms, electric generators refer to machines that function in converting mechanical energy into electric energy. On the other hand, generators (i.e. portable generators) can also be used to provide electric energy in locations where electricity is in accessible.

Here are buying tips and guidelines for portable generators:

Tip #1 - Wattage
There are different types of portable electric generators available in the market that differ from one another in terms of brand, price and wattage range. Therefore, before making your purchase, you need to determine the wattage range of the electric generator that you are looking for. There are numerous free online wattage calculators that you can use to determine the wattage range of the home generator you are looking for. All you have to do is include the wattage requirements of the appliances you would like to use the generator with.

Tip #2 - Fuel Consumption and Runtime
While shopping for the right portable home generator, you’ll also be required to establish if the default run time as well as fuel consumption meets your personal requirements. Each manufacturer usually states the estimated runtime for every model in the market. As such, take time to verify the load size which was used by the manufacturer to compute both runtime along with fuel consumption and then contrast the result with the wattage requirements computed above. In addition, you need to make a choice between buying a propane run generator and gasoline powered generator. The latter uses roughly twelve to eighteen gallons of gas on a daily basis.

Tip #3 - Cost
Once that you have established the kind of portable electric generator you need for your home, you can proceed to compare the prices of generators for sale. The type of generator to buy will greatly depend upon the amount of money you are prepared to spend. Generator prices are usually influenced by the fuel consumption, wattage and run time. Nonetheless, getting what you need ought not to be that hard given that you now know the amount of wattage you require from the generator.

The internet is the best marketplace when looking for affordability and variety while shopping for a portable home generator. There are numerous online stores such as Amazon that sell brand new generators. Nevertheless, you need to exercise extreme caution while using the net to make your purchase so as to avoid getting ripped off.

Always look for a merchant with a money back guarantee.

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What Are Chlorine Dioxide Generators?

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Electric Generator Rental

November 22nd, 2010 aboutgenerator No comments

Tired of being caught in the between power interruption? Afraid of not meeting the deadline because of unscheduled brownouts? Of all the wonders, that the industrial age has brought, electricity is the most rewarding source of energy. Almost all appliances that goes to our home and to which our everyday depend uses electric power. It is the primary source of energy, wherein modern mechanical wonders are anchored. However, Electricity as a source of energy is limited. Power shortages are common nowadays and that little has been made to improve its supply. Increase in power interruption brought about by power shortages has plagued a number of household as well as business establishments for quite some time. It makes living a little bit difficult for the ordinary individual. Thus, the little gadgets that make our lives bearable at some point will be useless once electric power is interrupted or cut off. Casino War blir vanligvis spilt med seks kortstokker hvor ess er alltid det hoyeste kortet..

Generators existed in order to address these power shortages. The average middle class cannot readily avail or buy generators to use during power interruptions. One option less costly is to rent one. Rental establishment offers a wide variety of choices to choose from according to one’s needs. Aside from the usual walk-in business rental, there are online rental services that offer you not just variety of options but also deliver rented generator free of charge.In renting generators these essential points should be consider.

PURPOSE- it answers the kind of generator you need for the specific task at hand. Generator companies have a catalog of Generators that will cater to every need in the market. Portable generators are purposely design to be mobile and easy to carry. They (portable generator) can generate power on emergency situation. On the other hand, Industrial grade generators are fixed or stationary; they are designed to generate high capacity power output to manage higher demands on electricity. An auxiliary criterion to be considered is the mobility of the generator. Meaning the generator you intend to purchase should be movable from one site to another upon demand.

CAPACITY- refers to the generating output of the generator. The capacity of a generator is measured by how much KVA (kilo volt ampere) it can produce when it is running. Industrial grade generators can generate higher KVA and are mainly use to power up building and industrial. These kinds of generators are use as back-ups in case of unscheduled power interruptions. Portable Generators on the other hand are built for emergency purposes or mainly for personal use.

FUEL- generators also need fuel to operate. online slots . Generators are can run on various fuels, however, what must be considered is the availability of the fuel in the place. Others consider the price; fuel consumption is relative to number of hours a generator is used. So the longer the generator is used, higher fuel consumption is expected. Generally, the individual is given smaller and smaller doses of the Marijuana Detox drug over time until their physical addiction to alcohol is overcome..

COST- refers to the price tag of the generator one wanted to buy. The cost of the generator is dependent upon the feature the goes with it. Finally, it needs to be known that these are only some of the aspects that best-horoscope. casino online .com uses to make these studies and the predictions are a lot of elements of the stars and of the people that are need to be taken into account.. Normally a generator is priced according to its KVA capacity output. For at din vinnende roulette -strategi skal v?re effektiv, er alt du trenger a gjore a se etter casinoer med utvidete regler.. It is because the higher its KVA output, results in higher kilowatt output is generated. A higher kilowatt output results to a higher load capacity for the generator.

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Electric Generator Rentals

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which one will be the winner in electric car development?

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see, I am cuter, and I will be next generation of electric car

     Cars are used by us everyday, it is hard to inmagine life without cars. When we are enjoying the convenience which cars bring us, we also suffer the environment pollution it causes, in order to solve this delimma, scientists have try their best to develop a new kind of car which use electricity as fuel to keep the engine work. When there is a market, there will have competition, the following are the competition between two car companies which will the future trendency of car development.

    The Chevrolet Volt and Nissan Leaf will square off later this year in a battle that could determine the course of the 21st-Century auto industry.

   The Volt and Leaf electric cars take two radically different approaches to reducing oil consumption and emissions. The compact Volt will cover 40 miles on a charge and use an on-board generator for longer trips. The cardiotoxic effects of are indirectly mediated by an increase in sympathomimetic stimulation to the heart and coronary vasculature and by a direct effect on the ion channels responsible for maintaining the electrical excitability of the heart.. The subcompact Leaf’s bigger battery pack promises a 100-mile range but won’t be capable of longer trips and will require hours of charging time after a long drive. online casino’s .

   The vehicles’ prices will also differ significantly. Nissan has announced the Leaf will retail for $25,280, after a $7,500 federal tax credit. Chevrolet has not revealed the Volt’s sticker price, but it’s expected to cost around $32,500 after the same tax credit. casino online .

  The Volt arrives in dealerships this November. The Leaf follows a month later.

  The cars represent multibillion-dollar bets by GM and Renault-Nissan. The winner will be the early leader in a new technology that’s expected to eventually dominate the worldwide auto industry.

  Electric cars have their ups and downsYou can’t get lower than zero. You can’t drive farther than forever.

   In a nutshell, those are the key selling points for the Nissan Leaf and Chevrolet Volt, respectively — the first new electric cars expected to sell in large numbers in a century.

   The cars promise different things, but they’ll be direct competitors as General Motors and Nissan-Renault try to define what a modern electric vehicle is, what customers should expect, how much they’ll pay and whether they should accept any compromises compared with conventional cars.

   The company with the winning approach will have an early lead in the technology likely to dominate the 21st-Century auto industry.

   The Leaf promise: Zero, zilch, nada direct petroleum consumption and exhaust emissions. Your car will never burn a drop of gasoline.

   The Volt guarantee: No emissions or oil used on the 40-mile and shorter drives that constitute daily driving for around 70% of Americans, and absolute certainty you’ll never be stranded by a dead battery.

    Which beste online casino”>car online pokies is suitable for you? Which car will lead the way in future car market? Let us wait and see.