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Wind Generator— clean energy in the world

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    As is known to all, Holand is famous for using wind as a kind of energy. Stay in touch with us online and recieve great info about new health tips and more.. It can provide power which we have a great demand of, otherwises,it doesn’t cause any pollution to environment, so it is the cleannest energy which can be used forever.

    British company Wind Power Limited has unveiled its new offshore wind generator, the 10MW Aerogenerator X, with  twice the power and half the weight of Wind Power’s original Aerogenerator design.
    According to the company, it doesn’t have same weight constraints as a normal wind turbine and the blades do not suffer weight induced fatigue. Aerogenerator X is half the height of an equivalent horizontal axis turbine and its weight is concentrated at the base of the structure. The generator is huge; stretching nearly 275 metres from blade tip to tip.
   The Guardian reports each 10MW Aerogenerator X turbine has the potential to generate enough electricity to provide 5,000-10,000 homes - the energy equivalent to 2 million barrels of oil over their 25-year lifetime. Keep your casino online . Limited Liability Company (LLC) Communications Equipment Systems Processing, Hosting, and Related Services (NAICS: 518210) Products & Services Gillware,”> in good standing by honouring the terms of your agreements..
   Theo Bird of Wind Power Limited says: “Offshore is the ideal place for wind power but is also an extremely tough environment. The US wind researchers who worked on vertical axis projects have always regarded the technology as great to work with at sea because it can be big, tough and easily managed.”
    Wind Power’s Aerogenerator project was originally developed in 2005. The first Aerogenerator X units will be constructed  in 2013-14 after two years of testing.
    Several companies are in the race to build a 10MW wind powered generator. According to Wikipedia, the world’s largest turbine is currently the Enercon E-126, with a rated capacity of 7. After pleading no contest to egging neighbor's house, singer must pay him $80,900 and stay away from man and his family for two years captures this magic moment during manager Scooter Braun's weddingLawsuit claims pop star was reckless when pulling out of the Laugh Factory in West Hollywood last yearAmnesty International launched the campaign in Belgium and also featured Karl Lagerfeld and the Dalai Lama in its spotsSinger won't face charges from woman who claimed pop star grabbed her phoneSinger says Bieber was 'a naive child' at the time offensive videos were made"I just hope that the next 14-year-old kid who doesn't understand the power of these words does not make the same mistakes I made"New video reveals singer at 14 parodying "One Less Lonely Girl" with uncomfortable resultsWe rank the pop-culture power players, from Rih Rih to 1D'Five years ago I made a reckless and immature mistake' Singer calls off first show in country following recent military coupManuel Munoz claims he was kicked, punched and locked in a Subway restaurant by Bieber's bodyguardEpic Records chief L..58 MW, an overall height of 198 m and a diameter of 126 m.

    Due to the rapid development of wind technology, we will use this kind of clean energy and make it useful for people’s daily life.

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