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The introduction of silent diesel oil generator group

July 8th, 2010 aboutgenerator No comments

online casino .jpg” alt=”the-introduction-of-silent-diesel-oil-generator-group” width=”500″ height=”350″ />Diesel oil generator and low noise diesel oil generator meet the national criteria GB2820-90 and some relative national criteria, and are widely used in post station, hotel, entertainment place, hospital, high-rise building which have strict request for low noise.

Low diesel oil generator group is composed of low noise work station, low noise automatic generator group, low noise bus station, low noise electricity station and so on. Low noise diesel generator has stable performance, reliable working condition, low emission, low diesel oil consumption and so on.

Here is the feature of low noise generator. 1, significant low noise performance, the up level of the noise value of generator group is 75 dB. 2, the structure of generator group is tight, have little occupation of  space, and the good looking appearance. 3, multi-layer shield prevent the noise from entering. 4, it has many channels which can compress air in or out to make noise reduce significantly. 5, combustion chamber can hold large volume of oil. 6, we can open the cover plate swiftly and quickly, and have easy maintenance.

 The feature of low noise generator group is listed as follow, when we keep a distance of one meter from the generator group, noise value can be reduced to 80 dB or less than 80 Db, the adjustment of steady-state voltage is between -5% and +5%, the adjustment of transient voltage is less than 20%, the adjustment of steady frequency is less than 5%, the  adjustment of transient frequency is between -10% and +10%, the adjustment of no-load voltage is more than 95%Un.

The parameter of technology of low noise generator group is listed as follow, the rated voltage is 400V, the rated turning speed is 1500r/min, the rated power is 50Hz.