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which one will be the winner in electric car development?

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see, I am cuter, and I will be next generation of electric car

     Cars are used by us everyday, it is hard to inmagine life without cars. When we are enjoying the convenience which cars bring us, we also suffer the environment pollution it causes, in order to solve this delimma, scientists have try their best to develop a new kind of car which use electricity as fuel to keep the engine work. When there is a market, there will have competition, the following are the competition between two car companies which will the future trendency of car development.

    The Chevrolet Volt and Nissan Leaf will square off later this year in a battle that could determine the course of the 21st-Century auto industry.

   The Volt and Leaf electric cars take two radically different approaches to reducing oil consumption and emissions. The compact Volt will cover 40 miles on a charge and use an on-board generator for longer trips. The cardiotoxic effects of are indirectly mediated by an increase in sympathomimetic stimulation to the heart and coronary vasculature and by a direct effect on the ion channels responsible for maintaining the electrical excitability of the heart.. The subcompact Leaf’s bigger battery pack promises a 100-mile range but won’t be capable of longer trips and will require hours of charging time after a long drive. online casino’s .

   The vehicles’ prices will also differ significantly. Nissan has announced the Leaf will retail for $25,280, after a $7,500 federal tax credit. Chevrolet has not revealed the Volt’s sticker price, but it’s expected to cost around $32,500 after the same tax credit. casino online .

  The Volt arrives in dealerships this November. The Leaf follows a month later.

  The cars represent multibillion-dollar bets by GM and Renault-Nissan. The winner will be the early leader in a new technology that’s expected to eventually dominate the worldwide auto industry.

  Electric cars have their ups and downsYou can’t get lower than zero. You can’t drive farther than forever.

   In a nutshell, those are the key selling points for the Nissan Leaf and Chevrolet Volt, respectively — the first new electric cars expected to sell in large numbers in a century.

   The cars promise different things, but they’ll be direct competitors as General Motors and Nissan-Renault try to define what a modern electric vehicle is, what customers should expect, how much they’ll pay and whether they should accept any compromises compared with conventional cars.

   The company with the winning approach will have an early lead in the technology likely to dominate the 21st-Century auto industry.

   The Leaf promise: Zero, zilch, nada direct petroleum consumption and exhaust emissions. Your car will never burn a drop of gasoline.

   The Volt guarantee: No emissions or oil used on the 40-mile and shorter drives that constitute daily driving for around 70% of Americans, and absolute certainty you’ll never be stranded by a dead battery.

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