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Wind Controller (FKJ-A1)

Wind Controller (FKJ-A1)
Price: Negotiable
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FKJ-A wind turbine auto-controller is special matched equipment with wind turbine. It commutates the AC that generated by wind turbine to DC and then charges to storage battery groups.
FKJ-A auto-controller with a beautiful appearance, simplify indication, easy operation, has an auto-protection function in case of battery converse connection; Auto-shunt in case of heavy wind (unload). The wind turbine shut down automatically when the battery group voltage get to 125%; And startup automatically when the voltage drop to 108%. The key component adopts the high-efficient chip control, the complete machines is intelligent. This system is running safely, steadily, and reliably, working efficiently and have a long work life, which is proved by a large number of experiments.

I. Out-linked wire
1. Connect the "+" & "-"poles of storage battery separately to the back panel's "+" & "-" poles (or terminal blocks) of the charge controller.
Take strict precautions against wrong polarity connection or short circuit.
2. Connect 3-phase output wires of wind turbine separately with the connectors on the controller's back panel (No order among A. B. C)
3. Connect the shunt (unload) of the turbine with a, b, c terminal blocks on the back of the controller separately.

II Caution: When the poles are wrongly connected, blowout, reversed indicator will shine.
1. When the battery's voltage is lower than the discharging bottom limit (see the details in the attached form), the shortage indicator shines, it reminds the user that it is in the discharging lower limit and needs charge.
2. When the charging fuse breaks, the charging fuse indicator will shine to remind the user to change the fuse.
3. When the wind turbine is working, it is not allowed to open or change the fuse, so as to avoid the user from being hurt or damage the machine. When user change the fuse, the wind turbine should in brake state, shut off all the switches, braking the connection of the battery and then check or change the fuse.
4. When the wind speed is too high or the storage battery is close to enough charging, the shunting boxes works and the shunt indicator shine. At this moment the wind turbine continue charge little electric current into battery.
5. When the battery is sufficiently charged and the voltage get to125%, the wind turbine will automatically stop charging and the stop indicator will shine at the same time. There is no indication for the Ampere Meter. When the battery voltage drop to 108% of the rated voltage, the stop indicator and shunt indicator will quench and the wind turbine will resume to work and then charge to the battery automatically.

III. Manual brake switch
1. After connected the storage battery correctly, press the button to "ON" position in the back panel, the turbine is under the condition of automatic working. (Small power controller with this equipment, larger power charger controller user will self-provided to install)
2. Press the wind turbine button to "OFF" position when without using this machine.
3. When the controller which rated power is above 3kw, it is forbidden to operate the manual breaking switch when the wind turbine is working.

1 300W-12V
2 300W-24V
3 500W-12V
4 500W-24V
5 1KW-24V
6 1KW-48V
7 2KW-48V
8 3KW-48V
9 3KW-120V
10 5KW-120V
11 5KW-240V
Prod Model: FKJ-A1
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