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Water Filtration Descaling Sterilization Integrated Water Treatment Equipment

Water Filtration Descaling Sterilization Integrated Water Treatment Equipment
Price: US $ 470-500/Piece
Trade Terms: FOB,CIF,EXW
Min Order: 1/Set
Pay Type: L/C,T/T,Western Union
Water Filtration Descaling Sterilization Integrated Water Treatment Equipment

1. How Integrated Water Treatment Equipment Works

Integrated water treatment equipment is made of high quality carbon steel cylinder, the special structure of the stainless steel mesh, high-frequency electromagnetic field generator, corona discharge device field generator and so on.

Activity of iron through the membrane, mechanical adjustable hole blocking and field three-dimensional integrated corona effect filter body, absorption, concentration in the actual operation of mining the formation of various water systems and composite material hardness scale, reducing its concentration, to control the dirt And most of the hardness scale purposes.

And through specific frequency transducer will be processed energy conversion to the media - water, the formation of magnetic polarization of water, making it into the scale location of the sequence ions distortion occurs, when the water temperature rises to a certain extent, treated Is a time lag of water required to return to their original state. At this stage, into the scale of probability is very low, thus achieving the purpose of controlling the formation of the hardness scale. Metal ions also inhibited the wall, on the Paradise system with anti-corrosion.

In addition, the entire water processor in the system normal operation, you can complete the anti-fouling, corrosion, disinfection, algae, clean filter, comprehensive water quality control functions.

2. Technical parameters

Control of the corrosion rate: <0.01 mm / year, filtration efficiency> 75% -98%,
Anti-fouling efficiency> 95%, biocide> 92%
Pressure loss: <0.01-0.06Mpa
Operating Voltage: AC 160V-240V
Safety isolation voltage: 5000V
Power consumption: <120W-600W
Operating environment requirements: Temperature -25° C ~+50° C relative humidity <95%
Working temperature (medium temperature to be processed): -25° C ~+90° C


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our certificates

Model Inlet (mm) Flow rate (T/H) Bore diameterof filter gauze (mm)
CKGZ-50 50 10-18 2.5
CKGZ-80 80 18-45 2.5
CKGZ-100 100 45-70 2.5
CKGZ-125 125 70-100 2.5
CKGZ-150 150 100-158 2.5
CKGZ-200 200 158-280 2.5
CKGZ-250 250 280-440 2.5
CKGZ-300 300 440-640 2.5
CKGZ-350 350 640-865 2.5
CKGZ-400 400 865-1130 2.5
CKGZ-450 450 1130-1430 2.5
CKGZ-500 500 1430-1800 2.5

Prod Model: CKGZ
Markets: North America,South America,Eastern Europe,Southeast Asia,Africa,Oceania,Mid East,Eastern Asia,Western Europe
Style: Vertical
Motive Force: Electric power
Usage: Environmental Protection
Performance: Water Treatment
Type: Descaling Equipment
Pressure Loss: <0.01-0.06mpa
Power Consumption: <120W-600W
Filtration Efficiency: > 75% -98%
Operating Voltage: AC 160V-240V
Material: Carbon Steel
Certification: SGS, ISO
Started from 2004, Peide has been concentrating on research and production for water treatment equipment, our founder Mr. Wu has been supplying team work for over 7000 project, and draw lessons from A large number of engineering practice and accumulated rich experience in design and installation. Considering from better cost-efficiency, safety, credibility, we supplied our solutions to our customers, such as Cocacola China, Pepsi China, Siemens, Gates Hydraulic, HSBC, Shanghai Expo Venue, Danone, Kerry food, Kafu, Hair, Lenovo, GE, Benz, Toyota, Hyundai Motor etc.,

For decades, we have been water treatment equipment for food, beverage, pharmacy, hospital, precision electronics, chemical, electric power, surface cleaning, air-conditioner industries. Our customer is mainly in the USA, Japan, South Korea, France, Norway, England, India, Chile, Mexico and other 70 countries.

Mainly Products: UV water sterilizer & disinfection equipment, Water Filter equipment including Bag type filter, Sucking automatic type filter, Automatic brush type filter, Sand filter equipment, Electric scale equipment, Recycling water treatment equipment, Ion stick etc., .

Certificate: ISO: 9001: 2008, CE, China Famous Brand

Sales: 20M RMB/year

Peide is always looking for new ways to increase the value of the products and services we offer to our customers. Our goal is to creat class quality, class service, class management and class environment. Try to make our sky bluer, our ground greener our water cleaner.

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