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Variable Pitch Blades Wind Generator /5kw Wind Turbine

Variable Pitch Blades Wind Generator /5kw Wind Turbine
Price: US $ 3178-7710/Piece
Trade Terms: FOB,CFR,CIF
Min Order: 1/Piece
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Variable Pitch Blades Wind Turbine (JD-5KW)

 This Variable pitch blade wind  turbine is  Variable pitch propeller, it can adjust the blades wind-toward angle for getting the best driven energy for generator, can be used for on-grid and off-grid,  we also supply complete system including the grid tie controller, grid tie inverter ,free standing tower or hydraulic tower optional .


1. Optimum aerodynamic shape design: High efficiency, low noise.

2. Centrifugal pitch controlled mechanism: 2m/s low wind speed startup; 3-12m/s wind speed, following wind rotor rotate speed to adjust blade angle at optimum TSR, run in high efficiency; Over rated wind speed, wind rotor never goes to over speed and has stable control; 3-25m/s wind speed, wind turbine can run smoothly

3. Direct drive permanent magnet generator, low startup resistance moment, constant running ability of over loading 1.5 times, maintenance free for more than 30000 hour.

4.Most Safety control method : Has aerodynamic brake, electric magnet brake, mechanical brake and manual stop mechanism


    Variable Pitch Blades Wind Turbine (JD-5KW)   Application Area: Family, Farm, Plantation, School etc, it can power lamps, TV, Microwave Oven, Washing Machine, Air Condition,   Refrigerator, Water pump etc

JD Series 2KW-5KW-10KW Wind Turbine System Features

1) With Aerofoil-Type Blades , the structure are comply with aerodynamic standard with high efficiency and lower noise  , you can check the pictures of our JD series turbine blades, which are  difference for other factories blades
And there's really important design is this turbine is adopted the Variable pitch propeller, it can adjust the blades wind-toward angle for getting the best driven energy for generator

2) This turbine all with mechanical brake device which can be automatically operation or by manual operation, when your wind turbine meet the strong windy , you can totally brake it to avoid any damaged

3) There're also few kinds of tower for selection,Tapered tower, Lattice Tower, hydraulic tower ,  you can choose the best one against the purchasing cost budget and the installation site condition

4) All towers will be with a working station fence , the technicians can stand at the working station for making installation and commissioning for this turbine
5) On-grid and off-grid system application for different countries demanding
If you choose the off-grid system , we can equipment with a dual powers inverter with this turbine, so that it can use the utility grid power and wind power to together supply your home , the wind power as main power and utility grid power as standby power ,its voltage output can be designed against users requirements
6)The on-grid system is equipped with Sungrow controller and inverter, which are obtained the CE , TUV ,G83 certificate to ensure you can easily get the installation permission from your government ,The on-grid voltage can be single phase 240Vac or three phase 380-415Vac
7) Low noise (Under 55db), never effect people working and rest

PS: if you want to know  clearly  and in depth  the vertical wind turbine each details, designing , material, even the bolts mdels, plz click the  "view video " buttom below the main picture, then you will see the JD-5KW wind turbine complete installing steps and working video.


2. Pitch controlling Principle

Rotating speed change of wind rotor drives the centrifugal pitch control mechanism to adjust blade pitch; Wind pressure on wind rotor will reduce, and then wind turbine rotating speed slow down. Close loop control, reliable regulation. Pitch control mechanism is sensitive, reliable, and can be used in variable environments

Wind turbine start up: Keep a big blade pitch, start up with 2m/s wind speed; Wind turbine start to run: Reduce blade pitch step by step, better for speedup; 4-12m/s wind speed: Regulate the optimum blade pitch to keep the max output power of wind turbine; Encountering to strong wind: Adjust blade pitch into negative angle to keep rotating speed within limits; Manual stop: Operate manual winch to adjust blade pitch into negative angle, blade will lose it aerodynamics, start mechanical brake to stop wind turbine.

    Variable Pitch Blades Wind Turbine (JD-5KW)   Application Area: Family, Farm, Plantation, School etc, it can power lamps, TV, Microwave Oven, Washing Machine, Air Condition,   Refrigerator, Water pump etc

system output : Single Phase                   Off-Grid System
Configuration Diameter               Horizontal Axis
Rotor Diameter:                                5.6m
Location Relative To Towerdownwind
Rated rpm240rpm
Yaw systemBy Variable Pitch System, Free, Passive

Performance Parameter
Rated Electrical Power         5KW@ 11m/s
Cut-in wind speed3m/s
Cut-out wind speed25m/s
Shut-down (high wind)26m/s
Security wind speed               50m/s
Annual Power Output       7500khw(Minimum Output)

22500kwh(Maximum Output)
Number of blades/Length
3Pcs/ 2.8m
Material/ Weight                                     Epoxy/Glass Fibre/
Generator Type / Frequency                                                   3phase PMG/50Hz
Voltage Output3phase@50Hz, 0-500Vac
Rated Power output5KW@9.5m/s
Maximum power output5.4KW@12-25m/s
InsulationClass F

Charge Controller
Input voltage from generator0-300Vac/50hz
Charge voltage /Time24V0DC/ about 16 hours
Battery Marching Quantity
20Pcs x 12V-200AH Batteries

PS: if you want to know  clearly  and in depth  the vertical wind turbine each details, designing , material, even the bolts mdels, plz click the  "view video " buttom below the main picture, then you will see theJD-5KW wind turbine complete installing steps and working video.
Prod Model: JD-5KW
Markets: North America,South America,Eastern Europe,Southeast Asia,Africa,Mid East,Eastern Asia,Western Europe
Rated Power: 5kw
Yaw System: by Variable Pitch System, Free, Passive
Annual Power Output: 7500khw(Minimum Output)
(Maximum Output): 22500kwh
Generator Type / Frequency: 3phase Pmg/50Hz
Rated Rpm: 240rpm
Blades Diameter: 5.6m
Rated Power Output: 5kw@9.5m/S
Number Of Blade: Three Blade
Rotating Shaft: Horizontal
Stress Way Of Blade: Resistance
Phase: 3 Phase
Wuxi Dayue Machine & Renewable Energy is a joint venture enterprise, which is involving in researching, developing, manufacturing alternative energy products and metal processing machinry for more than 17 years experience (Since 1994), now Dayue enterprise possesses two factories And one Export company.

The Dayue Renewable Energy Factory is specializing in designing and manufacturing the Alternative Energy Products including:

- FD series Horizontal Axis Fixed Blades Wind Turbine (300W-20KW)

-JD series Horizontal Axis Variable Pitch Blades Wind Turbine (2KW- 30KW)

-FDV series Vertical Axis Wind Turbine (300W-5KW)

-Wind & Solar Hybrid Street Light System (500W and 800W)

-Steel Pole (Floodlight Pole, Street Light Pole, Traffic Steel Pole)

These products have been strictly tested by SGS, Intertek, AOC testing institutions in China and obtained the CE certification, so far these products have been exported to UK, France, Germany, Portugal, Danmark, Poland, Italy, Canada, Kenya, USA, Mexico etc 63countries

In the Alternative Energy Field, Dayue just selecting the best electric elements such as on-grid controller, grid tied inverter, pure sine wave inverter with our on-grid version wind turbine, the grid tied inverter we selection which are produced by the professional factory and obtained the CE, G83, TUV certification;

There're good quality pure sine wave inverter with the FD series for off-grid version wind turbines, now we designed and successful tested the 500W & 900W wind and solar hybrid street lighting system for government's lighting project, which can be installed at low temperature -40 degree C to 50 degree C, this system can be installed at any places as street lighting in city and town.

If you are a serious users and rational investors, Dayue company will be you ideal cooperation partner, because you do not need to take any risks for you invest plan, we will provide you the technology and good quality products, even dispatch our technicians to assist you make the installation and commissioning etc A-Z service, just call or email to us.

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