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Brotie Nitrogen Generator

Brotie Nitrogen Generator
Price: Negotiable
Trade Terms: Sea or Air
Min Order: 1/Piece
BROTIE PSA Nitrogen Generator

BROTIE PSA nitrogen generator uses carbon molecular sieve as sorbent, produces nitrogen by making use of the PSA principle. Under certain pressure, carbon molecular sieve has different oxygen/nitrogen adsorption capacity, I. E. Much more oxygen adsorption capacity than nitrogen adsorption capacity. PLC controls pneumatic valve on/off to realize two towers alternate adsorption and desorption as per pressure change, carries out oxygen/nitrogen separation and produces nitrogen with desired purity.

1. Metallurgy: For anneal protection, agglomeration protection, nitrogenizing, furnace washing and blowing, etc. Used in fields such as metal heating treatment, powder metallurgy, magnetic material, copper process, metallic mesh, galvanized wire, semiconductor, etc.
2. Chemical and new material industries: For chemical material gas, pipeline blowing, gas replacement, gas protection, product transport, etc. Used in fields such as chemical, urethane elastic fiber, rubber, plastic, tyre, polyurethane, biological technology, intermediate, etc.
3. Electronic industry: For encapsulation, agglomeration, anneal, deoxidization, storage of electronic products. Used in fields such as peak welding, circumfluence welding, crystal, piezoelectricity, electronic porcelain, electronic copper tape, battery, electronic alloy material, etc.

Capacity (Nm3/h) Purity(%) Model
5 95 BR-A-5
99 BR-B-5
99.5 BR-C-5
99.9 BR-D-5
99.99 BR-E-5
99.999 BR-F-5
10 95 BR-A-10
99 BR-B-10
99.5 BR-C-10
99.9 BR-D-10
99.99 BR-E-10
99.999 BR-F-10
50 95 BR-A-50
99 BR-B-50
99.5 BR-C-50
99.9 BR-D-50
99.99 BR-E-50
99.999 BR-F-50
100 95 BR-A-100
99 BR-B-100
99.5 BR-C-100
99.9 BR-D-100
99.99 BR-E-100
99.999 BR-F-100
300 95 BR-A-300
99 BR-B-300
99.5 BR-C-300
99.9 BR-D-300
99.99 BR-E-300

All the models can be customized, for more information, please do not hesitate to contact.
Prod Model: BR
Markets: North America,South America,Eastern Europe,Southeast Asia,Africa,Oceania,Mid East,Eastern Asia,Western Europe
Located in Beijing, China, BROTIE technology Co., Ltd. specializes in inflatable boats and inflatable tents, who is one of the biggest inflatable products manufacturers in China.

You can find BROTIE products all over the world, especially in North America and European, such as United States, Italian, Netherlands and so on. We offer the good price and quality for all of our products. Our superior quality and workmanship is renowned throughout the world. We regularly export inflated boats and tents to our satisfied customers all over the world. Together with the outstanding level of Customer Service we provide, the modern and efficient manufacturing techniques we employ make BROTIE your first choice for inflatable boats and tents.

In China, BROTIE is a important supplier of inflatable boats and tents for the Chinese military. The quality of BROTIE Inflatable Boats has been regarded as superior to its more widely known competitors.

All of our customers benefit from our high quality, Human-Design products and prompt, professional services. BROTIE is dedicated to supplying our customers with reliable products with good cost performance. In our belief, the customers' profit is always first; To colorful the customers' life is our eternal destination.

Why Choose BROTIE?
High Quality + Factory Wholesale Price + 3 Year Warranty + Quick Shipping=BROTIE

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