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3kw Vertical Axis Wind Turbine Generator (YC-NEW3000)

3kw Vertical Axis Wind Turbine Generator (YC-NEW3000)
Price: Negotiable/Piece
Trade Terms: FOB,CFR,CIF
Min Order: 1/Piece
Pay Type: T/T
Power Range: 3000W

Vortex-type vertical axis wind turbine:

Eddy vertical axis windmill is a windmill from a fixed stator and a rotor rotating component, can be placed in the city to use. It provides energy in the production of new urban centers may be, and very beautiful. Technically structural framework, it is suitable for strong turbulence characteristics of regions and cities of modern buildings the wind.

Aerodynamic characteristics:

Windmill axisymmetric features allow it to fully accept any direction of the wind. In fact, the stationery stator and rotor blades of the rotor blades in a symmetrical manner around the vertical axis wind turbine distribution, while taking advantage of the wind in any direction to run. Thus leading to an optimal operating condition, regardless of which direction the wind, are very useful to take measures to make this structure often changes the direction of the turbulent flow through the windmill to make a better run

Stator principle(1):
Using the stator of the three major advantages:
1. First, in order to generate maximum power, the stator can be the best way to lower surface of the rotor blades on the air flow leads to a direction.

Stator principle(2):

2. The stator windmill provides a rigid tubular structure to include the possibility of fans, it can anti-wind the stator windmill (fresh gale), and also to make up for a variety of aerodynamic vibration and stress (compatible with the blade cyclone, torque for the spindle cycle...).

Stator principle(3):

3. More than the rated wind speed, when the rotor blades on the surface facing the wind, when the normal rotation produces a torque in the opposite direction. This is why the stator wind deflector design point is the key reason. In this region is called the turbulence generated within the "brake", and turbulence "brake" to prevent the penetration of wind turbine rotor, and thus make it slow. Turbulent region is generated by the stator, in order to prevent penetration into the fan in the wind

Compared with other wind generator, our advantages as following:

1). The same wind generator is installed at the same location, the average annual power generation of our wind turbines  wind power annual average generating capacity of more than 1/3 than others.

2). Wind energy conversion efficiency of wind power wind energy conversion is 42%, others efficiency is 25%

3). Our Wind generator is very safe, adapt tower structure installation. Can bear heavy wind, be able to withstand winds of more than 10 grade, others 5-6 grade.

4). It is made Aluminum alloy material, it is very firm.

5). Long working life. We have advanced assembly supply and develop their own lubrication system. The case of normal maintenance, service life of at least 25 years.

6). Advanced management system. We wind turbines can achieve more than wind turbines and grid composed of advanced network systems, network grid intelligent distribution and regulation.

Note: Large Capacity Power Supply, we suggest you buy Vertical Axis Wind Turbine Generators in parallel.
For example: 1MW=50KW*20Units Vertical Axis Wind Turbine Generator.

(Total power):3kw
(blade diameter):3.0m
(blade high):4.0m 
(rated speed):12m/s
(rated power):3kw
(max power):4.5kw
(output voltage):DC56
(start up wind speed):1.8(m/s)
(work speed):2.5(m/s)
(security wind speed):45(m/s)
(high of tower):≥8(m)
(top quality except tower):600kg
(tower type):
(output controller system
Prod Model: YC-NEW3000
Markets: North America,South America,Eastern Europe,Southeast Asia,Africa,Oceania,Mid East,Eastern Asia,Western Europe
Rated Power: 3000W
Maxed Power: 4500W
Start Wind Speed: 1.8m/S
Working Wind Speed: 2.5m/S
Rated Wind Speed: 12m/S
Survival Wind Speed: 45m/S
Out-Put Voltage: DC-56V
Number Of Blade: Multiple-Blade
Rotating Shaft: Vertical
Stress Way Of Blade: Resistance
Power: 3000W
Phase: Three-Phase
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