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18kVA-3000kVA Silent Cummins Diesel Generator (NPC563)

18kVA-3000kVA Silent Cummins Diesel Generator (NPC563)
Price: US $ 37500set
Trade Terms: FOB,CFR,CIF
Min Order: 1set
Pay Type: L/C,T/T
18kVA-3000kVA Silent Cummins Diesel Generator (NPC563)

We can supply diesel generator set powered by Cummins engine. Details as follows:

Model: 25-2500KVA
Frequency: 50Hz, 1500RPM
Voltage: 400V/380V, three phases and four lines
Engine:Cummins/Perkins/Duetz/China brand
Alternator: Newage Stamford/ Marathon/ Engga

Soundproof canopy:

* With special treated steel sheet
* Stainless steel locks
* Control panel viewing window for monitoring the status of the generator set
* Good ventilation system and anti-heat radiation struction
* Effective anti-vibration devices to ensure the geneartor set run steadily
* Super silent materials inside to ensure the noise lower
* Emergency stop button mounted outside
* Side lockable door easy for maintenance and installation
* Lube oil and cooling water drains piped to exterior of the canopy
* Big fuel tank built-in with level indicater

1. ATS.
2. Trailer mounted.
3. 60Hz, 1800RPM available
Item                    KVA                    KW        Engine  Model                              Alternator
NPC2523 25 1820      4B3.9-G2NPG-18    PI  144E
NPC3028 30 2224      4B3.9-G2NPG-22    PI  144F
NPC4540 45 3236      4BT3.9-G2NPG-32    PI  144J
NPC5650 56 4045      4BTA3.9-G2NPG-40    UCI  224D
NPC6356 63 4550      4BTA3.9-G2NPG-45    UCI  224E
NPC100901007280      6BT5.9-G2NPG-72    UCI  224G
NPC1151031158292      6BT5.9-G2NPG-80    UCI  274C
NPC138125 138 100110      6BTA5.9-G2NPG-100    UCI  274D
NPC150138 150 110120      6BTAA5.9-G2NPG-110    UCI  274E
NPC178160 178 128142      6CTA8.3-G2NPG-128    UCI  274F
NPC200183 200 146160      6CTA8.3-G2NPG-146    UCI  274G
NPC225200 225 160180      6CTAA8.3-G2NPG-160    UCI  274H
NPC250225 250 180200      6LTAA8.9-G2NPG-180    UCDI  274J
NPC275250 275 200220      6LTAA8.9-G2NPG-200    UCDI  274K
NPC275250 275 200220      MTA11-G2ANPG-200    UCDI  274K
NPC350313 350 250280      MTAA11-G3NPG-250    HCI  444ES
NPC275250 275 200220      NT855-GANPG-200    UCDI  274K
NPC313275 313 220250      NTA855-G1ANPG235    HCI  444D
NPC350313 350 250280      NTA855-G1BNPG-250    HCI  444ES
NPC375344 375 275300      NTA855-G2ANPG-280    HCI  444E
NPC400350 400 280310      NTA855-G4NPG-280    HCI  444E
NPC450400 450 320360      NTAA855-G7ANPG-320    HCI  444F
NPC413375 413 300330      KTA19-G2NPG-300    HCI  444FS
NPC500450 500 360400      KTA19-G3NPG-360    HCI  544C
NPC563500 563 400450      KTA19-G4NPG-400    HCI  544D
NPC630563 630 450500      KTAA19-G5NPG-450    HCI  544D
NPC650575 650 460520      KTA19-G8NPG-480    HCI  544E
NPC688625 688 500550      KTAA19-G6ANPG-500    HCI  544FS
NPC713650 713 520570      QSKTAA19-G3NPG-550    HCI  544F
NPC825750 825 600660      KTA38-G2NPG-600    HCI  634G
NPC888800 888 640710      KTA38-G2BNPG-640    HCI  634G
NPC1000913 1000 730800      KTA38-G2ANPG-730    HCI  634H
NPC11001000 1100 800880      KTA38-G5NPG-820    HCI  634J
NPC12501125 1250 9001000      KTA38-G9NPG-900    HCI  634K
NPC13751250 1375 10001100      QSK38-G5NPG-1000    LVI  634G
NPC14001250 1400 10001120      KTA50-G3NPG-1000    LVI  634G
NPC16251500 1625 12001300      KTA50-G8NPG-1200    PI  734C
NPC16751500 1675 12001340      KTA50-GS8NPG-1200    PI  734C
NPJC706640 706 512565      VTA28G5NPG-510    HCI  634F
NPJC825750 825 600660      VTA28G6NPG-600    HCI  634G
NPJC900820 900 656720      QSK23G3NPG-640    HCI  634H
NPJC1000913 1000 730800      QST30-G3NPG-730    HCI  634H
NPJC11001000 1100 800880      QST30-G4NPG-820    HCI  634J
NPJC12501125 1250 9001000      QSK38-G5NPG-910    LVI  634F
NPJC14001250 1400 10001120      KTA50G3NPG-1000    LVI  634G
NPJC16751500 1675 12001340      KTA50GS8NPG-1250    PI  734C
NPJC20631875 2063 15001650      QSK60-G3NPG-1520    PI  734E
NPJC22502000 2250 16001800      QSK60-G4NPG-1650    PI  734F
NPJC25002250 2500 18002000      QSK60-G8NPG-1800    PI  734G

Prod Model: NPC563
Markets: North America,South America,Eastern Europe,Southeast Asia,Africa,Oceania,Mid East,Eastern Asia,Western Europe
Frequency: 50/60Hz
Voltage: 110/220/230/380/400/415V
Power Factor: 0.8
Protection Standard: IP23
Model Of Connection: 3 Phase 4 Lines
Insulation Grade: H
Frequency Drop(%): ≤ 0.5
Frequency Recovery Time(S): ≤ 3
Voltage Recovery Time(S): ≤4
Waveform Distortion(%): ≤5
Type: Micro-Computer Control Automatic Diesel Generator
Installation Method: Fixed
Stroke: Four Stroke
Cooling Method: Water Cooling
Output Type: AC Three Phase
More than 20 years since its establishment, China Machine Energy Technology Co., Limited insists on the business mode of solution design, turnkey project sell and whole-process service.According to the various powers demands and requests, we provide the turnkey power supply solution and one-stop service for our customers personalized requests.
Under the new energy era, we insists on the direction of promoting green and environmental generator sets and associated engineering solution as our preferred strategic products.

For the special lack of electricity area and electricity consumption cost higher enterprises, we provide independent power station design scheme, leasing and contracting business.

Combined with globe update green and conservative new energy technologies and products, we cordial to service our clients with the on time, advanced and economic power solution of firming to reduce energy costs and responding low-carbon economy trend.

Our main business series are diesel generator sets, new energy generator sets, independent power station projects and green & energy conservative projects.

China Machine Energy Technology Co., Limited is willing to cooperate with you and create a better life!

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