What Is a Magnetic Turbine Generator?

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The Magnetic Turbine Generator is a device that generates electricity for use with electrical devices. Industry has been using this technology for many decades as “point of load” electricity generators to counter the high prices and electrical network losses imposed by the Electricity Companies.

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For example, consider an aluminium refinery that produces the aluminium metal from the chemical reduction of aluminium oxide. This chemical reduction reaction that is enhanced with catalysts still requires a lot of electrical power to remove the oxygen atoms from the aluminium atoms.

· Firstly, the aluminium refinery cannot rely on the expensive electricity prices supplied by the power companies.
· Secondly, the efficiency of the electricity distribution network significantly reduces when there is an electrical load consuming large amounts of power.

This is because the electricity company’s electrical needs to send the electricity through 100km of electrical distribution cables and transformers and their inherent electrical losses becomes the dominating factor. This is why the aluminium refinery generates its own electricity on-site.

The benefits of using a Magnetic Turbine Generator to generate electricity at the location of the electric load virtually eliminate the network distribution losses issues. There is also the major benefit of capitalizing on the ultra high efficiency inherent in a well designed Magnetic Turbine Generator.

The Magnetic Turbine Generator is comprised of two main parts,
· the first being a high efficiency Magnetic Motor to spin a rotor and
· the second section is the electric generator that is driven by the spinning rotor. Known for typically being methodical in all aspects of life, Japan is certainly making no exceptions to the rule when it comes to online casino legislation.. mobile casino .

The Magnetic Motor is one of the most efficient motors in existence because the electricity that it consumes to operate can be recovered and re-used (recycled). It is not unusual to find different Magnetic Motors with different performance characteristics, but the key aspect to measure the performance of any turbine generator is the overall Work Conversion Efficiency.

In essence, the Work Conversion Efficiency for a Magnetic Turbine Generator is simply the amount of power produced at the generator output divided by the average power supplied to the Magnetic Drive Motor.

Some Magnetic Motors with energy recovery technology that were invented many decades prior have been awarded patents for producing larger amounts of output power compared to the input power.

A couple of examples of inventors that were awarded patents are Edwin Gray and Howard Johnson (HoJo). They developed Magnetic Motors and connected the motors to electrical generators that exhibited a work conversion efficiency greater than unity, meaning that more electrical power was generated compared to the electrical power consumed. **Identity Protection InsuranceAs part of your free-credits-report.com Expert membership, we provide Identity Protection Insurance, provided by Arc, underwritten by Inter Partner Assistance S..

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Onan Microlite RV Generator Specifications

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A very popular and reliable generator for RV camping and travel use is made by Cummins Onan. The Onan Microlite Series RV genset is a top of the line unit that can be counted on to provide off site power for any RV owner’s electrical needs. This page will cover the basic specifications of this proven and well-designed piece of equipment that provides an important feature for any recreational vehicle.


Onan has created a product line known as the Microlite 4000 genset series. The first thing to know is the model number ID breakdown. This is how the model number of a typical genset is built. It cover power capacity, the product’s genre, how it is started, its voltage, spec number for special features and the spec letter. For example, a model number of 4KYFA26100E means the unit is a 4000 watt genset in the KY product line, remote start, 120 volt and 60 Hertz, spec number code for special options and lastly the final letter is used to show any major changes in manufacturing or design.

In the KY Onan Microlite 4000 series there are two fuel types, gasoline and LPG or liquid propane gas. The available model numbers are 4.0 KY, 3.6 KY both gasoline fueled, 3.6 KY and 3.3 KY both LPG run. The power available for the 4.0 KY is 4000 watts and 3600 watts for the 3.6 KY. The LPG 3.6 KY is also 3600 watts with the 3.3 KY at 3300 watts. Obviously the number corresponds to the wattage type.

The frequency is 60 Hertz and 50 Hertz for the gasoline 4.0 KY and 3.6 KY units respectively and 60 Hertz and 50 Hertz for the 3.6 KY and 3.3 KY LPG units respectively. The voltage ratings for all units going down the line is 100/120 volts, 100/220/230 volts, 100/120 volts, 100/220/230 volts. The speed for each unit respectively, 4.0 KY and 3.6 KY gas, 3.6 KY and 3.3 KY LPG is 3600 rpm, 3000 rpm, 3600 rpm and 3000 rpm.

These Onan RV gensets in the 4000 series are some of the best generators on the market. It’s important to remember that trusting your RV power to a specific generator manufacturer means a lot to any traveler because this will be the source of power for eating, heating, air conditioning and entertainment when on the road. No one wants to buy a cheap RV generator to save a couple bucks only to find out later that when it matters most and the generator has been running all out that there is a breakdown. At that time no amount of saved money can make up for the lost vacation time and instead of enjoying a week or weekend in the outdoors the RV owner must leave the campground to search out an RV dealer for repair parts or even worse an RV genset technician must be called out into the field to repair the unit.

Those who purchase a new Onan Microlite RV genset can be sure they are buying quality that is backed up by a warranty and a brand name that is known for its reliability and power output ability. With that said, there is one last major specification worth looking into and that is fuel usage. The fuel consumption of each unit is very important.

In this series, the following fuel consumption amounts are recorded. For the 4.0 KY, a gasoline genset, no load is 0.29 gph (gallons per hour), half load is 0.48 gph and full load is 0.71 gph. The 3.6 KY gasoline genset is 0.21 gph no load, 0.37 gph half load and 0.58 gph full load. The 3.6 KY LPG genset at no load is 1.5 lbs/hour, half load is 2.4 lbs/h, full load is 3.1 lbs/h. The 3.3 KY LPG unit at no load uses 1.1 lbs/h, at half load 2.2 lbs/h and full load is 2.9 lbs/h.

Compare the power output with the fuel consumption and choose which Onan RV genset is right for your camping and travel needs.

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Benefits of Generators For Commercial and Residential Use

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Generator Testing Verifies System Readiness Before Usage

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Generators, a.k.a. “gensets,” consist of an engine, alternator, electrical and electronic components, and mechanical parts designed to meet energy needs when the main source is not available. The entire combination of components is frequently referred to as a “genset” with varying sizes designed to meet the load generation requirements of businesses or industrial facilities. Size selection is directly related to the load required to manage devices while a power outage is present. Usage type, emissions regulations, and the surrounding environmental conditions must east inflatables blog all be taken into account when choosing a secondary electrical source for a building. General maintenance procedures are the same, with emergency systems having a few more regulations that are detailed. Generator testing involves:

    * Operating the unit under required load conditions
    * Verifying circuit conditions
    * Evaluating general operation
    * Inspecting numerous internal components to make certain the unit is ready for use.

Generator Services: Weather Heightens the Need for Dependable Performance

Generator service is a necessity in areas experiencing extreme weather throughout portions of the year. Freezing rain is a concern in the winter months for the majority of northern states, while more mountainous areas sometimes have heavy snow. Both of these occurrences increase the need for a well maintained, outage ready generator since they can cause long-term power problems. Significant amounts of rain can be expected throughout April in many areas throughout the country, and summer brings hot temperatures with high humidity. This environment can induce severe thunderstorms in addition to heavy winds and rain suffered from the onset of coastline hurricanes. The southern portion of the state experiences the most problematic activity brought on by hurricanes. This activity is sometimes worsened when these storms are making their way along the coastline of the Southeast. Midwestern states have the highest tornado occurrence counts; fortunately, those occurrences are below an F3 status for most states. Lack of reliable power brought on by sporadic area weather conditions feeds the need for an on-site emergency or backup source. A well cared for unit can be ready for any of these weather conditions and will last longer when the appropriate upkeep is provided.

Servicing your genset should include routine yearly testing, scheduled maintenance, infrared scanning, and unit modernization. Each aspect of servicing is advantageous to a business owner because it ensures the system is ready for an unexpected electrical failure. Preventive care can be performed on any type of engine, whether it is propane, gasoline, natural gas, or diesel. Heroin tea Methods.. Switchgears, transfer switches, and controls are commonly evaluated, while a routine maintenance visit is being completed. These processes are important to the efficient operation of an emergency or secondary electrical unit. Preventive programs reduce the chance of costly repair expenses, make certain uninterrupted power is available for vital building devices, and save lives during emergencies. Generator testing is used to diagnose current condition, troubleshoot specific issues, or verify operation capabilities. best online casino . It is a cohesive part of overall system upkeep owners should have as part of their routine care schedule to increase performance and guarantee safety. These services are necessary for businesses with specific uninterruptable power needs and can protect this extensive company investment. In distinct contrast towards the Pinnacle-Ameristar merger – by which one land-based casino operator ingested another with several directly competing qualities – SG and WMS are, Weil stated, “very complementary..

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Wind Generator Blade

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RV Generator Safety

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Adherence to RV generator safety is as important as using the correct fuel in a generator set, if safety is ignored it threatens to cause harm not only to the generator itself but also to the people around it. There are several precautions one can take to make sure their RV has the right equipment nearby and accessible in case there is an incident. While generators can help make any RV a self-sufficient unit, it’s crucial that the added freedom a genset brings to any camping outing also reveal a commitment by the owner to safety.


Before a generator is used in an RV, the owner should become familiarized with the service manual and thoroughly go through each section to understand how to best monitor issues regarding safety. Predictable operation of a generator can only take place when the owner follows the proper servicing steps and procedures found in the manual.

Keep in mind that exhaust, parts that move, battery connections, any fuel type and electrical currents can be hazardous and may result in injury or death if mishandled or misappropriated.

There are several precautions that need to be taken in order to ensure proper safety standards in generator for RV use. Have a fire extinguisher well-maintained and ready for use at any time. Make sure the dates on any extinguisher are current. Check to be sure all genset tie downs are securely fastened and holding in place. Make sure the RV generator itself is clean as well as the genset compartment. Oil or rags drenched in oil in the generator area are a fire hazard. Dust, dirt and other equipment left in the genset bay can restrict air flow and cooling. Remove these items before use. Aber das uberrascht auch nicht, denn es handelt sich bei “Cars and Cash” um einen video book-of-ra-kostenlos.com slot, der von Sheriff Gaming entwickelt wurde.. Before any work is done on the generator always disconnect the battery to keep the unit from accidentally starting. Always be alert whenever working on the genset while it’s running. Moving parts can cause major injury. Engine oil that has been used has been found to cause cancer. Never ingest, breath in or come into contact with this oil or its vapors. The same goes for some gasolines. Do not work on a generator when physically or mentally tired or after using alcohol or drugs. Follow all federal, state, county and city laws and regulations.

The voltage created through an RV generator can be deadly. Never take a generator for granted. All generator output hook ups should only be done by an electrician and in accordance with all laws and regulations. A generator for RV use should at no time be connected to a public line as utility linemen and/or equipment may become damaged or destroyed. Only an approved voltage switching device must be put in place to avoid these dangers.

Whenever work must be done on a generator all precautions with types of clothing, jewelry or other equipment must be taken into account.

Remember that any fuel type used in a generator is flammable and potentially explosive. The utmost safety and precaution should be followed when fueling an RV genset. Keep all open flames, cigarettes, pilot lights, switches, sparks and arc-producing equipment away from these fuels including diesel, gasoline and liquid propane. Even fuel fumes in non-well ventilated areas can be combustible. All fuel lines should be free of cuts or cracks where leaks may occur. Only used approved fuel hoses for any genset.

Generator exhaust is very dangerous and can be deadly. Read about the symptoms from genset exhaust and associated carbon monoxide poisoning. Never sleep when a generator is running unless the RV has a working carbon monoxide detector. Check the batteries for all detectors regularly. The exhaust system should be checked for leaks and only be installed by a competent individual. Never use engine cooling air to heat the interior of the RV. Be sure large amounts of fresh air is available when running a genset in a small compartment. online casino .

Always review the operating and safety manuals before running an RV generator. Following these safety precautions will help keep the RV experience enjoyable year after year.

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DIY Wind Generator: Basic Facts About the Ideal Solution

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Wind generators are perfect if you live in a windy place or your solar panels are no longer enough to cover your energy needs. online casino . But before you start buying the materials for one, it’s imperative that you do a wind assessment test beforehand to see if the wind current is enough to produce the desired output. Without these tests, the risk of ditching the entire project and losing your initial investments are at an all-time high.


First, you need access to GIS (geographic information system). These are public data sets collected and maintained by the US National Renewable Energy Laboratory. Using their specialized tool, the said data sets can be used to calculate the potential amount of electricity that can be produced within the area of concern. Once you have the green signal to build a wind generator, the next task is to know the right resources or manuals to start out the project. casino online .

If you want to save money, consider building your own wind generator; the cost of finding your own materials than buying a ready-made windmill is comparatively lower. The only obstacle you will be likely to face is when the manuals are not readily available, or you are not a technically-inclined person.

To build a wind generator, you will need the main parts such as the blades, DC motor and the mast, all of which can be purchased from your local hardware stores. You also need batteries where you store the generated energy. If the budget is limited, use recycled batteries instead of buying new ones.

The majority of today’s homemade wind generators are built in horizontal axis. This is a popular design, and you see lots of them when you go to the countryside or farms. Since the blades rotate horizontally on an axis, a mast or vertical tower is needed to hold the whole structure. Ideally, the higher the mast, the faster the wind and the more energy can be generated. However, in real practice, this isn’t feasible for a homemade one due to the cost of building a mast to support it.

A better solution would be to build multiple smaller units outputting just 1000 to 3000 watts rather than one complicated and pricey wind structure. A single unit cannot supply your entire power needs, but eventually, as you build one generator after the other, you will be able to cover all your energy needs.

Most wind generators consist of 2 to 4 blades, which is already efficient in terms of power generation. Two blade turbines are generally cheaper but are less efficient while having four blades are the best but are costly. Either way, building a wind generator can save you lots of money over time, and will let you go green while doing it.

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What Exactly Is a Magnetic Electricity Generator?

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A magnetic electricity generator is also widely known as a free electricity generator. The idea is to use the force of magnets to induce motion. online casino . Abhangig von den Tieren abgestimmt, konnen Sie bis zu 5000-mal Ihres Einsatzes gewinnen!Pints and Pounds serviert ihnen ein machtiges Spielautomaten -Menu mit vielen freundlichen Charakteren aus der britischen Pub-Kultur.. mobile casino . But what does motion have to anything with generating electricity with magnets?


The answer is simple. If you ever wonder how water turbines and wind turbines generate electricity, you would learn that they use motors of any scale that use motion to generate electricity. It’s the same concept with magnetic generators. Magnets are embedded into designs that contain a motor. The shaft of the motor is coordinated with the motion of the magnets. The motor, here, is the device that uses the rotation of the shaft to convert mechanical energy into electricity. Therefore, by designing the generator to capture the motion the magnets produce, magnetic electricity is achieved. The strength of the magnets highly determines the efficiency of a magnetic generator. They can be scaled in size to empower electrical needs of any type; most of all magnetic electricity generators produce alternating current that’s compatible with a house’s electricity line which is a feature that requires additional machinery in solar panels or wind turbines.

The use of magnetic electricity generators for the production of electricity is not a concept that has reached mainstream as yet. It has been said by many that large energy corporations have tried their level best to keep this concept hidden, due to the fact that it may ruin their profits once the common man gains access and further develops the idea. However, some scientists have managed to re-write the whole concept so that it could be understood by the common man in order to be made use of.

Building a magnetic electricity generator is not an entirely difficult task. All that’s required is some basic knowledge on the subject, along with some building and wiring skills. A generator, properly tweaked, will have the capacity to power up your entire house. There are many other specifics that it needs to be built upon to make it a device that will actually be beneficial. It is also a device that will suit any type of setting or surrounding, no matter where you live.

Despite it’s capacity of producing electricity in a much efficient manner compared to other types of alternative electricity generators, pre-made magnetic electricity generators are a rare sight which remains a mystery. However, DIY electricity enthusiasts are now building these devices based on professional guidance, in the form eBooks.

A residential magnetic electricity generator can help you produce safe, clean, renewable energy without harmful by-products and can also help you go completely off the grid.

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Advantages of Low RPM Generator

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DIY PVC Wind Generator Blades

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