which one will be the winner in electric car development?

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see, I am cuter, and I will be next generation of electric car

     Cars are used by us everyday, it is hard to inmagine life without cars. When we are enjoying the convenience which cars bring us, we also suffer the environment pollution it causes, in order to solve this delimma, scientists have try their best to develop a new kind of car which use electricity as fuel to keep the engine work. When there is a market, there will have competition, the following are the competition between two car companies which will the future trendency of car development.

    The Chevrolet Volt and Nissan Leaf will square off later this year in a battle that could determine the course of the 21st-Century auto industry.

   The Volt and Leaf electric cars take two radically different approaches to reducing oil consumption and emissions. The compact Volt will cover 40 miles on a charge and use an on-board generator for longer trips. The cardiotoxic effects of buy-detox.com are indirectly mediated by an increase in sympathomimetic stimulation to the heart and coronary vasculature and by a direct effect on the ion channels responsible for maintaining the electrical excitability of the heart.. The subcompact Leaf’s bigger battery pack promises a 100-mile range but won’t be capable of longer trips and will require hours of charging time after a long drive. online casino’s .

   The vehicles’ prices will also differ significantly. Nissan has announced the Leaf will retail for $25,280, after a $7,500 federal tax credit. Chevrolet has not revealed the Volt’s sticker price, but it’s expected to cost around $32,500 after the same tax credit. casino online .

  The Volt arrives in dealerships this November. The Leaf follows a month later.

  The cars represent multibillion-dollar bets by GM and Renault-Nissan. The winner will be the early leader in a new technology that’s expected to eventually dominate the worldwide auto industry.

  Electric cars have their ups and downsYou can’t get lower than zero. You can’t drive farther than forever.

   In a nutshell, those are the key selling points for the Nissan Leaf and Chevrolet Volt, respectively — the first new electric cars expected to sell in large numbers in a century.

   The cars promise different things, but they’ll be direct competitors as General Motors and Nissan-Renault try to define what a modern electric vehicle is, what customers should expect, how much they’ll pay and whether they should accept any compromises compared with conventional cars.

   The company with the winning approach will have an early lead in the technology likely to dominate the 21st-Century auto industry.

   The Leaf promise: Zero, zilch, nada direct petroleum consumption and exhaust emissions. Your car will never burn a drop of gasoline.

   The Volt guarantee: No emissions or oil used on the 40-mile and shorter drives that constitute daily driving for around 70% of Americans, and absolute certainty you’ll never be stranded by a dead battery.

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Caution! generator safety suggestions under bad weather

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What kind of Camping Generators will you choose?

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World’s First Solar-Coal Hybrid Power Plant

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What affects the efficiency of wind generator?

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Magnetic generator has its advantage

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The application of magnetic energy

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The magnetic generator is widely used in today’s life, because of its high efficiency, low pollution and low cost, it will become the most popular generator in the world.

The magnetic generator belongs to the next generation of energy devices and is more efficient than solar and wind. The use of magnetic energy is not a new idea, but it is being developed for a long time as a real and visible alternative to conventional methods. You know, any device that reduces our dependency on the utility companies that supply our electricity has got to be good news, and building a magnetic generator is the best way to cut our power bill.

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As is known to all, magnetic generated energy is one the best forms of energy which is being used world wide, for producing this type of energy, all you need is a permanent magnet generator, this is a special energy system which does not need big investment, and a permanent magnetic generator can be easily built and the energy used will be free of cost, the working principle of a permanent magnet motor is very simple and the maintenance cost is very low, once it is installed, the generator can be used for a long period of time.

The magnetic generator is considered the greenest of all the alternative energy systems. Here are the main benefits of building a homemade magnetic generator:

l      By using it, you can practically eliminate your electric bill or at least reduce it significantly.

l      Unlike other devices, it doesn’t produce any noise.

l      It doesn’t allow any sort of harmful pollutants to spread into the atmosphere and it’s completely eco-friendly.

l      No climatic changes can have any effect on it, because it can work in all weather conditions.

l      It can fulfill the energy requirements of your entire home

l      It requires a very low maintenance.

Nowadays everyone is trying to find a renewable source of energy, which is environment friendly. The appearance of magnetic generator can solve the existing fault in energy generating system, and it is a second to none generator which can save a good mount of money by using it in our home or office. In a word, magnetic generator is the newest and greenest generator which can lower our bill cost and cause no harm to environment.the-application-of-magnetic-energy

generator is working everyday

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Before the connection between magnetism and electricity was discovered, electrostatic generators were invented that used electrostatic principles. These generated very high voltages and low currents. They operated by using moving electrically charged belts, plates and disks to carry charge to a high potential electrode. The charge was generated using either of two mechanisms:

ny defensive driving course to receive your ny defensive driving course certificate of completion, no matter what method of instruction you choose..0pt;” align=”left”>·             Electrostatic induction

·             The triboelectric effect, where the contact between two insulators leaves them charged.

Because of their inefficiency and the difficulty of insulating machines producing very high voltages, electrostatic generators had low power ratings and were never used for generation of commercially-significant quantities of electric power.

With the rapid development of technology, all kinds of modern generators are invented and used in every area of our daily life, and there is a lot of enterprise involved in producing generator, these generators offer families and companies comfortable and convenient life, which is especially important in today’s life. For example, now Generac is committed to produce generator to residential, commercial, industrial, portable and RV.

Here are the structure of generator, a conventional motor is rotated by outside working, that is, transform electric power into mechanic power after power on; whereas generator takes advantage of the change of magnetic flux to produce sensitive electromotive, that is, transform mechanic power into electric power, while general conventional generator/motor is of rotation type, that is, all mechanic power output by rotation work, or generate electric by the work of rotation; the generator/motor in current market normally apply Faraday’s law or Lenz’s law as generating or driven principlegasoline_generator

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Brief introduction of solar generator

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Solar generator is a kind of generator which produces electricity through the direct shining of sun upon solar panels, and the electricity can charge battery, which supplies power for energy-saving lamp, recorder, television, DVD, satellite receiver and other products. Dans cette rubrique, nous vous presenterons deux livres particulierement interessants, blackjack en ligne : Apprenez l’excellence de Francois Montmirel et Professional blackjack en ligne de Stanford Wong..

Solar generator can be divided into several parts, solar battery components, charging and discharging controller, inverter, test instruments, monitor and other electrical devices. It has protective functions, for example, when solar battery component is over charging or over discharging, it has function of protecting itself, solar generator can produce direct current which is 12V and alternative current which is 220V, and it has small occupation of space, easy for taking and using.

Now we’d like to introduce the advantage of solar generator, the advantages are as followed.

1, it supplies power independently, and is not subjected to environment. ObamaCare lowers what most middle-to-low income Americans pay for health life insurance and their out-of-pocket health care costs (by means of cost-assistance offered through the marketplace), decreases the deficit and improves government run health care programs like Medicare by cutting out wasteful spending.. It doesn’t need fuel and mechanical transmission component, it can be produced at a short period, so the scale can be at your will.

2, compared with fire generator and nuclear generator, solar generator doesn’t cause environment pollution, and it has aesthetical appearance, low fault, and long life.

3, it is easy for dismantling and installing, and can work on the move, so it cost lower in installation cost. Because it can be combined with building, we don’t have to bury electric wire.

4, it is widely used in all kinds of electric components, and is suitable for those families which are short of electricity, it can be used on electric component and lighting which is at countryside, hill, island, express way and other remote area.

5, it is eternal, as long as the sun exists, so we can invest money in studying it, but use the achievement forever.

6, the solar generating system can be listed form big ones to small ones. We can have middle power station which can produce 1000000KW, also generator group which can supply electricity for one family. It is incomparable.

The solar resource of China is abundant, so the potential development of solar resource is very broad.de-beste-online-casinos.info Number One, Stationsstraat 97311 NK Apeldoorn, NederlandDirections to  Zoom”},{”address”:”Hoofdstraat 184, 7311 BD Apeldoorn, Nederland”,”body”:”7311 BD Apeldoorn, Nederland”,”correctedAddress”:”Hoofdstraat 184, 7311 BD Apeldoorn, Nederland”,”iconid”:null,”point”:{”lat”:52.. online casino dgfev .com/wp-content/uploads/2010/07/brief-introduction-of-solar-generator.jpg” alt=”brief-introduction-of-solar-generator” width=”621″ height=”501″ />

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How to buy a gasoline generator

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how-to-buy-a-gasoline-generatorGasoline generator is a kind of generating device, it consumes gasoline as the main fuel, and a kind of device which turns other kind of energy into electricity energy. According to the survey of gasoline generator market, it is drove by turbine, diesel motor and other kind of motor, these motors can turn water flow, gas flow and energy which the burning of fuel and atomic fission produce into mechanical energy and transmit it to generator, then the generator turns the energy into electricity. Generator is widely used in agricultural and industrial production, military, technology and daily life. The price of gasoline generator depends on the model, different model has different price.

Here are the newest price table of gasoline generator in 2010s, the detailed information is as followed.

1, according to the survey of gasoline generator market, the price of 1000i frequency conversion gasoline generator is about 1900 yuan, it has four strokes and the power of it is 800W. although it is a bit of expensive, it has aesthetic appearance and makes low noise, which is suitable for place which need high request.

2, the 950 gasoline generator has two strokes and the power is 650W, which only costs about 600 yuan. But it makes higher noise, so it is not suitable for place which need high request towards noise and appearance. 3, the price of gasoline whose power is 650W is about 550 yuan, it will produce 0. Page 189Chapter 13: Understanding Text Analytics and Big best-data-recovery. online casinos .com 165 Clarabridge Another pure-play text analytics vendor, Clarabridge (www.. Microgaming est une marque tres bien connue dans l’industrie des jeux en ligne et primee pour la production des machines a sous video..6 degree of electricity per hour, and the fuel consumption is between 0.6 and 1 liter.

Now we’d like to introduce how to choose gasoline generator, 1, the generator whose power is 5000W is used to drive your computer, so in that way, it is comparatively inexpensive to use gasoline as the fuel.

2, we can compare apples with oranges, they are all useful for our daily life, in the same way, we can’t compare gasoline motor with diesel motor, they all have their advantages, but as is known to all, the price of common diesel price is higher than gasoline’s, on the contrary, the power which diesel generator can produce is more than gasoline’s. When can I apply? The Eco- boarding high schools Ambassador role will be open for applications on Friday the 5th September 2014 and will close for consideration on Monday 15th December 2014..

According to the above situation, a kind of silent diesel generator’s price is about 6000 yuan, but if it is produced from foreign countries, it will cost more than 10000 yuan.

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