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Piezoelectric nanogenerators—their principle and potential applications

Nano technology is regarded as the newest technology in 21 century, we are experiencing high development both in theory and practice, large amounts of new nano material and components have been developed, and show unprecedented retrospect in biomedical, military and daily life, but a lot of researchers focus on developing nano component which has high sensitivity and high performance, few of them focus on power system under nano size, but the nano sensor which is used in biology and military has large demand for this system. Generally, the power of these sensors are directly or indirectly from battery, if these sensors can supply themselves with power ,and the size of component and power become smaller, that’s what scientist has been doing for a long time, but haven’t realized it yet.

The invention of nano generator is probably a new chapter in the development of nano technology, the reason is as followed, firstly, it realize the combination of semiconductor and piezoelectric for the first time, and make the foundation for exploring the physical law in this process, secondly, it offers the specific technical routine for the leap from nano component to nano system. The development and study of nano component is the most advanced area in contemporary nano technology, because nano component has small size component which can be minimized to nano stage, low energy consumption, high sensitivity which macro component doesn’t have. Thirdly, it makes the theoretical foundation for realizing the minimization of entire nano component’s working condition. Fourthly, it makes a new area for the application of sodium oxide, currently, there is a fiercely decrease in the quantity of the article which is about nano bar and nano wire, and how to apply these technology into new area is still a new challenge. Finally, sodium oxide  has the distinctive biodegradability and biocompatibility, so it is used to sensitive and micro system in human body.

Nano generator is the application of new nano technology which can afford itself energy, it uses distinctive method to gather energy from human body or external environment and supply it to nano component and system. It can turn mechanical movement energy( such as the movement of human body, the extension of muscle, the change of blood pressure), vibrate energy( such as sonic wave of ultrasonic wave and so on) and water pressure energy into electrical energy and supply it to nano component, this kind of nano generator offers the theoretical and practical foundation for nano robot and wireless nano component which can realize self-power supply function, but there is still a long way to go before the practical application of nano generator, so we should develop several nano wire at the first and develop key method and technology for different power at the same time, we should study the fatigue and life problem of nano wire, and how to change fluid energy and sonic wave into electricity efficiently through nano generator; we should solve the seal problem of nano generator and its interaction with different organism. online casino .

In a word, the invention of nano generator makes the foundation of realizing integrating nano component and actually nano system, and we look forward to the widely application of nano generator in biomedical, military and daily life.online casino . casino .aboutgenerator.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/07/piezoelectric-nanogenerators-their-principle-and-potential-applications.jpg” alt=”piezoelectric-nanogenerators-their-principle-and-potential-applications” width=”600″ height=”425″ />

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