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Seabed electricity generator test

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Cardiff-based Tidal Energy Ltd is hoping to stage a year-long trial of its DeltaStream device off Pembrokeshire

Cardiff-based Tidal Energy Ltd is hoping to stage a year-long trial of its DeltaStream device off Pembrokeshire

A renewable energy company plans to test a new underwater generator just off the Pembrokeshire coast.

Cardiff-based Tidal Energy Ltd has planning permission for onshore works and is now seeking consent to place its DeltaStream device on the seabed.

A year-long trial is due to be held at Ramsey Sound, near St Davids.

The company said its tidal generator, capable of producing enough electricity to light around 1,000 homes, was at the cutting edge of green technology.

Invented by Pembrokeshire engineer Richard Ayre, each unit features three generators that sit on a triangular frame.

It is designed to be easily lowered onto and recovered from the seabed using a floating crane.

The company said its distinctive blade design enabled the turbine automatically to shed excess power, permitting consistently high energy conversion. best online casino .

The device will sit on the seabed at Ramsay Sound, near St Davids

Planning approval has been granted by Pembrokeshire Coast National Park Authority for the onshore works.

The company has now applied to both the UK and Welsh assembly governments for consent for the offshore works which include laying a cable and positioning one DeltaStream device on the seabed.

Chris Williams, development director of tidal energy, said a “comprehensive” environmental impact assessment had been undertaken.

A public exhibition of the plans is due to be held later this month.

The company is hoping to start the trial in autumn next year.

Mr Williams said: “The next public exhibition is to update the local community on the project, and particularly to discuss and explain the findings of the environmental assessments.

“Areas that have been assessed are far-reaching, ranging from bird life, to mammals, tourism and ecology.

“We invite anyone with an interest in the project to come along and talk with us about the details of the proposed 12-month test. online casino canada .”

The exhibition will be held from 1400 to 1700 GMT on Friday, 20 November and 1000 to 1300 GMT on Saturday, 21 November at Curtis House on Bryn Road in St Davids.

Gasoline vs. Diesel Generators

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Both gasoline and diesel generators can both provide electrical power for many applications. Also this book is aimed at those who know Hadoop and want to build some intelligent applications over Big restore data with R packages.. Performance is hard to compare with engines alone but the added factor of usage comes in handy. For backup generators performance is not as vital as the generator is not used on a daily basis. However for RV and portable generators, where generator usage can be continuous, performance can be measured here. Diesel generators will usually last longer than their gasoline counterparts and are more fuel efficient. Diesel generators normally run at lower RPM and produce more torque at lower speeds thus increasing engine life and lowering noise. A sample comparison is Guardian’s QUIETPACT® RV generators. The 7500 wattage gasoline fueled generator has an engine RPM of 2571 while the diesel fueled generator of the same wattage rating has an engine RPM of 1950. The gas consumption per hour is also lower for the diesel model. Gasoline generators, if well maintained, can have quite a long engine life as well and their performance is at the same level as a diesel generator. Diesel generators, if not used frequently enough, can break down quicker as well. Performance wise, it really depends on application and how well the generator is used with manufacturer settings.

Safety of Gasoline and Diesel Generators

Both fuel types need to be stored carefully, however gasoline is more combustible and can be ignited by static electricity. A prime example is the signs to turn off the car engine and avoid using cell phones when pumping gas. Both generator fuel types produce dangerous fumes including CO which can lead to serious injury or death. The safety edge goes to diesel.

Cost Comparison of Gasoline and Diesel Generators

When comparing overall cost of gasoline and diesel generators, there are a lot of issues. They also complete a transitions unit to prepare them for Goshen High hazelwood school district that is complete with field trips to the High School.. First, diesel generators are usually made of more expensive parts that cost more to repair whenever they break down. The cost of a diesel generator can be 3 times as much as a gasoline generator. The next comparison is fuel cost. Diesel usually costs a little more than gasoline and both need some additives to maintain longer shelf life. Diesel generators, however consume less fuel than gasoline ones and there are slight savings in fuel. A diesel generator will probably have longer engine lifetime and less maintenance but when repairs are needed, the cost could be more expensive than repairing cheaper gasoline generator parts. In the long run, a diesel generator can save more money over a gasoline generator with higher RPM. This savings can be evened out with a lower RPM gasoline generator that is well taken care of. However, fuel consumption costs still goes to diesel generators

Propane Vs. Gasoline Generator

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propane-vs-gasoline-generatorA standby generator can bring peace of mind to homeowners concerned about long power outages. They have the option of purchasing a larger, more powerful fixed unit or a smaller portable unit that could also be taken on camping trips. Once they have decided to purchase a generator, they must choose between propane and gasoline. Many factors affect this decision, including cost of equipment, economy of operation, pollution, maintenance and fuel storage.

Cost of Equipment

A propane generator with equal output power usually costs more than a gasoline model, both for initial purchase and installation. The propane generator produces less energy per unit volume and will need a larger engine. We’re the largest driving school in the UK, which means that you’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to driving instructors! We pride ourselves on the high standard of tuition we deliver.. Also the fuel system is more complex and will need more expensive storage tanks, as they need to be pressurized. And the larger the storage tank desired, the higher the difference will be. However, given equal operation times and maintenance, the propane generator should last longer.

Economy of Operation

Fuel prices vary for propane and gasoline, not only over time but by area. But by rule of thumb, a propane generator costs more to operate. A gallon of gasoline produces 125,000 BTUs of energy and a gallon of propane produces 91,000. So propane would need to be 30 percent cheaper than gasoline to make the operating costs equal. In portable models, the gasoline generator will be more convenient, as it usually has an on-board fuel tank. But the propane generator needs a more expensive pressurized tank.


Propane, also referred to as liquefied petroleum gas, burns cleaner than other fossil fuels. Burning propane instead of gasoline reduces particle matter emissions by 80 percent and carbon monoxide emissions by 20 percent to 40 percent for the same amount of fuel. Propane emits 10 percent more methane than gasoline, but the overall effect is a significant reduction in greenhouse gasses. As for leaks and spills, propane dissipates into the air while gasoline spills are toxic and create a greater fire hazard.


Both types of generators require diligent use to prevent serious injury. Children should not play around them, and periodic fuel systems inspections prevent leaks, fires or explosions. Oil needs changing based on hours of operation or months without use, and batteries need to be constantly charged so that they will start when needed. However the propane generator has longer uninterrupted run times and when it does need major maintenance after years of use, the repairs are much cleaner and less toxic.

Fuel Storage

A homeowner can purchase several propane tanks and store them for an unlimited amount of time, as propane will not degrade. Gasoline has a more limited shelf life and will deteriorate over time. Also, many homes already have propane storage tanks for heating or cooking. Gasoline spills can contaminate and leave stains and odors, propane simply dissipates into the air. Propane is odorless, but an added distinct but harmless odor warns of leaks. Also the propane generator will start more easily in extremely cold weather because the fuel will not gum up.

RSPB bird reserve plans to replace noisy generator

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Wave energy generator pumps power to Scotland

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Wave energy got a boost with the connection of the Oyster hydro-electric device to the electricity grid in Scotland last Friday.

Aquamarine Power activated the connection of the Oyster in the waters off Orkney, marking one of the few ocean power devices to be producing electricity.

The device is a hydraulic pump operated by a “hinged flap,” where a large metal piece moves back and forth from the motion of the waves. The movement moves a hydraulic piston that pumps water underground to a hydro-electric turbine that drives a generator to make electricity.

The peak power output of the Oyster 1 is about two megawatts, depending on the location. The company, which received research funding from the U.K. government, is now working on a second-generation device.

There are a number of technologies being pursued to convert wave or tidal energy into electrical energy, including underwater generators. The advantage of the pump design is that it’s relatively simple and many components, such as gear boxes and generators, are not exposed to the water.

Twenty Oysters, which are attached to the seabed at about 10 meters of water, could produce enough electricity to power 9,000 homes in the U. online casino .K., according to Aquamarine Power.

In the U.S., the Seadog Pump uses a similar approach of pumping water offshore to a hydro-electric turbine to make electricity.

The Oyster was tested at the European Marine Energy Centre. In the U.S., there is an effort to establish an ocean power research center in southern Massachusetts.

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A new type of wind generator

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Electrical power generated at the floating Air Rotor is transferred down the tether to ground level equipment. Depending on size of the Air Rotor, power is sent to users ranging from campers to large power grids. Helium (an inert non-flammable lighter-than-air gas) sustains the Air Rotor which ascends to an altitude for best winds. No towers or heavy foundations are necessary and sizes range from small “backpack” models to large megawatt generating devices.

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All competing wind generators use bladed two-dimensional disk-like structures and rigid towers. The Magenn Power Air Rotor system is a closed three-dimensional structure (cylinder). It offers high torque, low starting speeds, and superior overall efficiency thanks to its ability to deploy higher. The closed structure allows Magenn Power to produce wind rotors from casino online/a> very small to very large sizes at a fraction of the cost of current wind generators.


This electrical energy is transferred down the tether to a transformer at a ground station and then transferred to the electricity power grid. Helium (an inert non-reactive lighter than air gas) sustains the Air Rotor which ascends to an altitude for best winds and its rotation also causes the Magnus effect. This provides additional lift, keeps the device stabilized, keeps it positioned within a very controlled and restricted location, and causes it to pull up overhead rather than drift downwind on its tether.

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Advantages and Disadvantages Of Solar Generators

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A solar powered generator can be used to run all the electrical gadgets and lights in the house.  A solar powered generator is just like any other generator, but it makes use of the solar energy for power generation.

Advantages Of Solar Generators

Solar energy is a pure form of energy, since it uses the direct rays of the sun. Therefore, it is environmental friendly. There is no pollution with a solar powered generator. By using solar powered generators you are helping in keeping the environment pollution free.
The solar power generator can be recharged every day, by simply keeping it in the sunlight.

In case of power failure, you don’t have to worry about supply of natural gas or other energy utility as you can easily use your solar powered generator.

Low maintenance cost of the generator makes it an attractive option. Once installed properly it will last years with very little maintenance required.

Solar power is completely free. After you spend money on the initial installation costs, you don’t have to worry about additional costs associated. So, if you thinking of cost control, go for a solar powered generator.

Power generation is comparatively cheaper as compared to other types of generators.

You can use these generators to run essential equipment in your home or office.
Disadvantages Of Solar Generators

You can recharge the solar powered generator only in presence of sunlight. When the sky is too cloudy, or in case of bad weather, when it snows for long durations or when a hurricane or tornado strikes, you cannot recharge your solar powered generator.

You can charge the generator only during day time.

The costliest component of solar powered generators is the solar panels. If the panels get damaged, replacing them can be expensive.

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Hydro power generators

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Massive Generator To Wind Through Greenville

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massive-generator-to-wind-through-greenvilleThe 880,000-pound generator is on its way to Duke Energy’s Cliffside Steam Station in Boiling Springs, N.C.


Deputies said that the 1.5 million pound transporter that is carrying the power plant part travels at about 5 mph because of its size. They said that authorities will be escorting the transporter as it snakes its way through the county.


Officials said that the generator will enter the county at about noon on Friday near Princeton along Highway 25. It will travel up the highway and park near the intersection with Interstate 85 on Friday night. The reforms of Obama’s health care bill regulate the travel insurance industry and helps to cover millions of Americans. However, your virgo horoscopes Sun always retains the necessary hindsight which prevents from falling into oppressing austerity, probably because this sign is ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication fond of humour… From there the transporter will wind its way through the west side of Greenville before parking just south of Highway 11 on Sunday night. The motorcade will continue to near the North Carolina state line on Tuesday morning.


Deputies said that motorists should try to avoid the rote that the massive piece of equipment will take as it will cause traffic delays where it travels.

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New Solar Power Generator Provides Household Electricity on Demand Available

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new-solar-power-generator-provides-household-electricity-on-demand-availableWith the country facing staggering unemployment rates and the price of food and gas continuing to rise many people are looking for relief. Americans have witnessed the bail-outs of huge financial institutions and seen the government’s recent stimulus plan fall on its face. As the government’s plans and programs continue to produce nothing but waste many Americans are taking matters into their own hands, they’re coming up with their own solutions to their economic or farm to pre work you are involved with or to share a resource that you think should be posted on our resource”>problems.

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When looking at where you can eliminate wasteful spending one doesn’t have to look much further than the electricity bill. Each month these statements are full of charges that appear to be a necessary evil in keeping the lights on and the refrigerator running. The truth is, there is a much more affordable alternative to writing a check to the electric company.

MySolarBackup has made it possible for Americans to live “off-the-grid” through a solar power generator that provides all the electricity necessary to keep a household running. By harnessing the power of the sun, a solar generator can effectively and efficiently produce continuous electricity for a home. The best part about the solar power generator is that the electricity produced is free, meaning the monthly bill is a thing of the past.

Eliminating the burden of a monthly electric bill not only saves money but pulls people away from the reliance on an aging grid system that is susceptible to natural disasters, blackouts, brownouts and other interruptions in service. This means that when electricity is cut you still have the power of the solar generator to keep your home running.

In the past many people relied on gas generators to step in when electricity was lost but these units can be unreliable, costly and extremely loud. A gas generator obviously relies on gas to keep it running, thus there is always an expense associated with it. The solar generator simply stores the energy of the sun and converts it to electricity whenever you need it, eliminating the need to store gas in case of an emergency. A solar generator also runs with absolutely no noise unlike the loud gas generators of the past.

Perhaps the most important benefit of the solar generator is its ability to instill a sense of self-reliance. By not relying on the government or some utility company to ensure things will run smoothly a solar generator owner will know they can take responsibility and meet their needs. For those who have taken notice of the direction in which the country is heading the benefits of a solar power generator is obvious. Secure your solar generator today and enjoy the peace of mind knowing that when the lights go out you’ll have yours on.